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Lots and lots of Long Live the Queen. This game isn't all that great... [three days of gameplay later] goddamn this stupid game.

I am something like 2/3 of the way through.

I have unlocked 29/39 achievements, 9/11 deaths, and 16/24 epilogues. I suspect I know how to unlock 1 of the 2 remaining deaths, and 1 or maybe 2 of the achievements.

stuff that is not LLtQ

Umm... I've read a little bit of the sf anthology I started last week, and a bit of Jennifer Traig's Well Enough Alone: A Cultural History of My Hypochondria.

I am trying to remember to wear my Yules. I am finding most of them don't have as much longevity as I would like. :/

I wore "Practical Occultism" for Epiphany. Lab description: A Victorian occultist's incense, invoking the Four Archangels: precious wildcrafted Indian frankincense with myrrh, cassia, sandarac, palmarosa, white sage, red sandalwood, elemi, and drops of star anise bound with grains of kyphi. I was worried about the anise, since I'm not a huge fan of it, but it didn't overpower any of the other scents. I wore it for Epiphany because frankincense and myrrh, and because it sounded more opulent than other perfumes I have with those notes. It turned out to be a really good choice and invoked all the Epiphany feels I was hoping for.
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The sum total of my contributions to the Q+A portions (and thus the formal portions) of SBL/AAR was So Jael the Vampire Slayer is a thing that exists in the world.

Off-record, I managed to say to a speaker I encountered later at a restaurant, "I really appreciated your critique of [scholar's] paper."

And everything else was culture consumed.


May. 5th, 2014 12:20 am
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If I were a fictional character, how would the fandom misinterpret me?

(I mean, I feel like fandom-otp-that-will-never-be-canon is the obvious answer, but if you want to elaborate on that, feel free.)
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Charlie and I are watching the Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

It is pretty adorable.

Charlie sleeping on my lap is also pretty adorable.
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Working on the endless importing of all my fic into Ao3, and #Invisible Third why am I the only person using this tag? Is there some other phrase for it of which I'm unaware? ("Triangulation," but that only has one use.) Surely people frelling/kissing/dating/marrying each other because the person they're mutually interested in is unavailable/uninterested/inappropriate/dead (or alive, if characters doing the sexing are dead) is a thing? It's not even that it's a particular kink of mine, it's just... a thing. That I write a lot. Because of reasons.

(Icon on DW because Mary Anne is invisible third in the Kristy/Dawn that happens in my head sometimes. To choose an example completely at random.)
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Daniel Jackson and Phil Coulson have the same birthday. :)
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There is apparently a movie called What to Expect When You're Expecting. People aren't requesting fic based on the non-fictional pregnancy guide. (It's Yuletide! YOU NEVER KNOW.)

(I'm skimming the list from the Z's up looking for fandoms I know. That's not one of them.)
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I just heard this article on NPR and it is the MOST AMAZING THING EVER this little parable about creativity and cyberculture and Facebook and fandom.

Cow Clicker is not a very fun game anymore. <3<3<3
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Which is of course the best part of uploading the entire back catalogue to AO3 (a mindless task that may never be done).

Cordelia: "And okay, is there something really wrong with surfaces? I like surfaces."

Anya: "They make people attractive. They keep all the organs from falling out."

From The Core of the Apple (1038 words) by faviconwisdomeagle

(I'm up too late. Problems with sleeping for 24 hours to cure the common cold: as cold is on the mend, the last thing my brain wants to do is sleep. At least I'm being vaguely productive?)
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Could vampires live on con- or trans- substantiated communion wine/juice? Or would the religiousness make it anathema?

hi, fandom

Jul. 27th, 2007 02:44 pm
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Erotic power is the energy that produces creative synthesis, and is enhanced by the relationships that emerge from creative synthesis. It produces not fusion and control, but connectedness. - Rita Brock, Journeys By Heart: a Christology of Erotic Power, 39.

One of the bonuses of stalking the [livejournal.com profile] femslash_minis Dawn round II sign-ups (you still have time to sign up, by the way, but act now before this limited time offer ends!) and writing Giles/ and Hermione/ drabbles (which you can also still request) and working on my paper all at once is that I'm thinking about community in terms of fandom and totally thrilling to the whole idea of fandom, which I've been away from, because we write together and think together and explore together and inspire each other. How much do I love the squee breaking out in the comments-pages over everyone's great prompts, the synchronism of our thought, the fact that we are (once again) playing the game we love best.

I just hope my paper will be more coherent than this post.
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I have West Wing S7 waiting for me at the library.

I am leaving for school on Sunday afternoon. I have plans for all day Saturday. I'll have the DVDs for two weeks, the same two weeks that I will be afk.

So in other words, I'm pulling a couple of all-nighters to mainline tWW? Awesome, in the sense of I have no priorities, absolutely none.

In other news, some of you will be pleased to hear I spent last night reading encyclopedia articles attempting to determine the mating habits of spiders. ;)
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Truly, the best thing is no one will ever need to read friendsfriends again.

The [livejournal.com profile] fandom_counts member list will suffice to entertain us forever.

So much solidarity. So much squee!

(If only they were writing underage incest porn fanfic instead of depressing meta about the implosion.)

I am wisdomeagle on greatestjournal and wisdomeagle on JournalFen.

And just when I was going to bed it seems like more news is breaking.

18,837, 19,003 (W00! Creeping up to twenty thousand!), 19,081... 19729 20,005... geez! 20,497, 20,941, 21,095 21,359. 21,382

And it really is time for bed.


May. 5th, 2007 11:12 pm
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I just saw an ad for Disney world in my email account. "Gee!" I thought, "a trip to Disney world would make a great fanfic. I'm thinking Baby-Sitters Club."

Then I remembered. "Oh yeah," I said. (I think in hypertext all the time, don't you?)

If I tell you I'm writing very long Harry Potter fic, that will probably jinx it, right?
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Things learned from tonight's metafandom:

1. McKay and Weir, still not siblings! (Actually, I knew this already. Apparently it is knowledge uniquely implanted in my brain from watching a completely different show from the one everyone else is watching.)

Also not siblings:
-McKay and Sheppard
-John and Teyla.

Every time I see this argument, I feel compelled to point and boggle and cry.

2. There are filking BNFs. Who knew?
3. SGA fandom, still made of win. And by that I mean I am so far removed from this fannish experience that it's hard to believe Gateverse was my life for a few years. And gateverse boyslash. I realize there are unscary parts of the SG-fandom to this day, but there are also scary parts. Yes.
4. Studio 60 is endangered or doomed. Which. Not surprising. But the all-important question is -- will there be more you-know-who before it goes?
5. [livejournal.com profile] whedon_updates. I did not know this existed. Huh.
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The requests for [livejournal.com profile] sga_santa are showing up on my flist! I'm not signing up for three very good reasons:
1. Almost two years behind on canon.
2. Graduate student and insanely busy.
3. Still skewed entirely away from fandom and its OTP.

BUT I am so pleased with the nature of the sign-ups (though I don't think the OTP has even been mentioned) BECAUSE people seem to be being really polite! It always causes me stress in ficathon sign-ups when people feel the need to say, "I won't write Spike/Xander because ewwwwwww gross!" or "Please no Sam/Daniel - they're like siblings!" And none of the sga_santa signups have caused me to flail in that manner! Awesome!

Not so awesome is all the work I have to do this afternoon. Blech.
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I am SO unobservant. But I just realized that on the front and back covers of Ducky book 1, there are hearts. Or rather, one heart, etched in concrete. HEARTS. "Guys. Girls. Nowhere."



I'm reading The Ethics of Star Trek for school. It kind of sucks, but there's so much TOS OTP, not to mention a long discussion about which is the superior pairing, O'Brien/Bashir or Kirk/Spock. They came down firmly on the Kirk/Spock side. (Okay, okay. This was not couched in the language of OTP. But CLEARLY that's what it was really about.) Also, there was a Janeway/Seven moment that made me squeal. And I have seen NONE of that series. (Well, one episode, maybe.)


Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip premieres tomorrow! Yay!


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