Oct. 18th, 2013 08:56 pm
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Got my assignment. It's totally within my comfort zone and a thing I'd love to write. :)
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Dear author,

I am am delightfully bizarre.



Dear author: I am delightfully bizarre, or, seven years of ficathon sign-ups.

I am easy to please. I like porn, I like romance. I like humor, I like srs bsns world building or character studies. I like magical realism and AUs and tropes and ridiculousness and ridiculous premises taken absolutely seriously, wedding fic and curtain fic and kidfic and futurefic and nostalgia fic and crossovers and fusions.

I like femslash. A lot.

Maggots squick me. So does sounding (the sexual practice).

EDIT: A random list of words, phrases, and concepts that are exciting to me, should you want additional inspiration. They are all completely optional:

wings, glitter, princesses, letter-writing, a day at the beach, writer's block, lists, studying for a test, revisiting childhood memories, awkward holiday meals, chosen family, polyamory, tryptophan-induced sleepy snuggling, pillow fights, making dinner together, art projects, sewing, fabric, fancy dress parties, cooking/baking/potion-brewing, sharing a tiny bathroom and navigating brushing/flossing/getting ready for the day without bumping into each other, doing the shopping, animal companions, committed introverts and their partners who respect them, abuse of power, adults respecting children...

And kink/pornwise:
caning, spanking, discipline, cross-gen relationships, student/teacher relationships, did I mention abuse of power, biting, pain, petplay, ageplay, watersports, forced femme, strap-ons, awkward sex, oral sex, fashion-as-kink, classroom sex, outdoor sex, playing footsie in public, being so turned on they can't even make it to bed, awkward discovery by inappropriate parties (parents, children, students), characters who know what they want and are proactive about getting it, people being loudly bossy in bed



1. Baby-Sitters Club
Characters: Kristy Thomas, Mary Anne Spier, Stacey McGill, Claudia Kishi.
Optional Details what are optional:

I love femslash. Any number of girls, any era, any combination, any rating.

I request BSC almost every time I sign up for a panfandom ficathon, because it is the fandom of my heart, 100%, since I was six years old. There is no childhood ruining possible -- write me any kink on the kink_bingo list, and I will love you. Write me fluffy fluffy G-rated handholding when the girls themselves are six, and I will love you. Write me pining and longing and unrequited love for straight bff, and I will love-and-hate-and-love you. Write me same-sex-marriage-is-legal-in-Connecticut-AND-California bicoastal weddingfic and I will love you. Write me AUs where they're princesses, nuns, pirates, or puppies, and I will love you.

I requested these four characters because they're the core of what I love about the BSC, but they aren't binding. Tossing in the other girl baby-sitters (Dawn, Shannon, Mal, Jessi, Abby) would be fine, and I ship Stacey/Charlotte too. Twosomes, threesomes, etcsomes are all fine. I OTP the best friend sets, but mixing and matching is also cool. I use the BSC tag for tagging all BSC babble, of which there has been a lot over the years. Not particularly interested in het ships in this fandom.

2. The Cat Ate My Gymsuit - Paula Danziger
Requested character: Barbara Finney
Optional details what are optional:

I read this book to pieces as a child.

I'd love anything about the compromises Ms Finney makes and the ones she's unable to make (for example. Ms Finney is a lesbian or bisexual woman, but chooses to closet about that so that she can continue to teach and share feminist and progressive values with her students -- but any direction you want to take that would be fine). Or anything showing Ms Finney interacting with Marcie (including, but definitely 100% not required, femslash).

As it says in the optional details. Not particularly interested in het ships in this fandom.

3. Discworld
Requested character: Esmerelda "Granny" Weatherwax
Optional details what are optional:
Things I'd love: a witches adventure, with any set of three (or an awkward attempt at a coven of a different size). A headological piece about Granny Weatherwax at any era in her life. Granny acting on her own to do what's Right. Granny acting on her own and not doing what's Right. Granny/Nanny femslash. Granny/Tiffany femslash. Granny trying to wrangle witches who insist on femslashing when they should be focusing on their responsibility. Something darkly humorous. Something straight-up completely ridiculous. Etc.

Again, as it says in the optional details. Explicitly stating that Esme/Lily is okay. Not particularly interested in het ships in this fandom, particularly for Granny Weatherwax.

4. As Time Goes By
Requested characters: Jean Pargetter, Lionel Hardcastle
Optional details what are optional:
Jean/Lionel was one of my very first OTPs. Anything about them, any rating, from any era, would be delightful.

This show gave me a permanent kink for long-separated lovers reunited, so the nostalgia longing pining thing hits me deep in the gut. I love this pairing because there's that bittersweet piece with the present-day relationship in which there is happiness and joy together. Not particularly interested in pairings other than this one, but if you want to write Lionel as a woman (cis or trans) that would be fine.


Thank you so much for writing for me! If you are unsure about anything, questions can go through the mods or through [personal profile] hermionesviolin, my bff, who knows me with a knowing that's true.


Oct. 4th, 2013 03:37 pm
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Yuletide tagset is open for cleanup.

I can't. I know. BUT...

I guess I'll just keep an eye on the pinch hit list.
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There is apparently a movie called What to Expect When You're Expecting. People aren't requesting fic based on the non-fictional pregnancy guide. (It's Yuletide! YOU NEVER KNOW.)

(I'm skimming the list from the Z's up looking for fandoms I know. That's not one of them.)
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I'm going back through old lgbt/[livejournal.com profile] queer_fest prompt posts so I'll have collected in one place all the prompts I've made over the years for purposes of

1) Recycling them myself
2) Being secretly pleased when other people recycle them.

Found this in the 2010 prompt post:
Savage Lovecast, Tech-Savvy Youth, Screening thousands of calls, talking incessantly of sex, watching Dan eat inappropriate numbers of cookies -- a year in the life of the Youth as they figure out their own romantic and sexual lives, aided and abetted by their co-workers and boss.

I had zero recollection of this when I did my Yuletide sign up last year. Huh. Apparently I didn't invent that fandom last fall; I invented it 2 years ago. (AFAIK, no one's actually taken me up on the idea, though.)
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Title: The World Set to Rights
Fandom: Emily of New Moon series
Featured Pairing: Emily Byrd Starr/Perry Miller
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: No longer in copyright.
Notes: Written for [personal profile] mardia in [livejournal.com profile] yuletide 2011. Originally posted here.
Summary: Perry Miller and Emily Byrd Starr, née Douglas Starr, do what they do best (use words, words, words, to avoid an uncomfortable truth.)
Additional Ao3 tags: Trans Character, Engagement, Family
Wordcount: 1840

She had been named Douglas, for her father )
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Title: "Emily of Blair Water (Variations for Sax and Strings)"
Fandom: Emily of New Moon series [fusion with Some Like It Hot]
Featured Characters: Emily Byrd Starr, boy!Ilse Burnley, girl!Teddy Kent
Featured Relationships, Emily & Ilse (Elias), Emily & Teddy, various romantic subtexts, all based on the canons in question
Rating: Teen
Spoilers/Timeline: AU of the books, but versions of the events of Emily Climbs have happened. AU of the movie, but basically covers all of it.
Disclaimer: Transformative work not created for profit.
Notes: Written for [personal profile] mardia in [livejournal.com profile] yuletide 2011. Originally posted here
Summary: When two musicians witness a mob hit, they flee the country in an all female band...
Additional Ao3 tags: Trans Character, Alternate Universe - Gender Changes, Alternate Universe - Fusion, Friendship, Alternate Universe - Power Swap, Musicians
Wordcount: 5362

Blair Water, a quiet, provincial town near the Canadian shore, was the last place where one would expect to witness violence of any kind )
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I have 2 fics in the archive. I don't know if you remember what my fiction writing even looks like, but I think I've said enough meta-wise about them that if you should stumble upon them, you'd realize they're mine. I know at least one of you has read at least one of them. Guess a fic, win a fabulous prize? (i.e., I will add your prompts unto the enormous backlog.) I did indeed remember to screen comments. :)
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Dear Yuletide author,

[Fandoms are Jossverse RPF, Savage Love RPF, Baby-Sitters Club - Ann M Martin, and Princess Diaries - Meg Cabot. The rest is behind a cut because it is so ridiculously long I don't even.]
this is the cut tag )

In conclusion, THANK YOU for writing a story for me. I know I will love it.

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I wrote 0 treats, but I had a lovely lovely lovely Christmas Eve service and then woke up this morning to lovely lovely lovely Stacey/Charlotte fic for Yuletide. (Well, first I woke up to open the physical gift that I got from Mrs. S, but then an hour later I got to come here and unwrap "Your Words in My Memory." YAY!

And in half an hour I get to leave for church again. :)


Dec. 24th, 2011 03:42 pm
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Yuletide Madness has begun! Huzzah! I already had uploaded 2 stories. Inorite? I haven't published any fanfic in two years, since Yuletide 2009. But this Yuletide will change all that. I will ctrl-f gleefully though the list and somehow find the time to write and the internets access to upload.

And Starbucks opens tomorrow at 8:30. I... will probably be here (as that's where I am now), because presents can, occasionally, get me out of bed.

Will gleee! sometime in the next couple of hours, before Starbucks closes, then head home to write and make myself lovely(ier than usual) for Christmas Eve service. :)
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1. So I did indeed check out one of the other sources that my Yuletide recipient requested, and I was quite charmed. Unfortunately, of all the possible stories for that fandom or for the fandom we matched on, the ones that are pinging me hardest are absurd crossover-fusions between the two fandoms that are superficially chronologically compatible, are SO ABSURDLY DIFFERENT IN TONE that crossover-fusions would be... okay, they would be lovely and delightful, and I am absolutely in love with a particular way this could work and have started writing it, and this is why my brain shouldn't be allowed out in public.

2. I broke Rule #1 and read the comments on some trans-related blog posts (not noting which ones, because I know the first thing I would do would be click the link and read the comments, and I don't want to inflict that on anyone else), and now I feel vaguely ill. (DO NOT READ THE COMMENTS, SELF.

3. Meanwhile it's not often that you get two Fridays in one week, but this week is a happy exception (that's my positive spin on having to work today.)
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oh dear.

Skimming Yuletide letters and the "I want my men to be MEN! MANLY MEN! Not teenage girls!" makes me want to go, "I want my teenage girls to be GIRLS! Teenage girls! Not manly men." But I would be 100% okay with trans fic for my teenage girls, so it would be a lie. (Well, sort of. I don't think Tina Hakim Baba will ever be a ~manly man~, which doesn't mean Tina will never be a man. Maybe I will say it: TEENAGE GIRLS! I want my teenage girls to be girly girls. Even if they are boys.)

(Of course, I am also okay with my men acting like teenage girls, see also Joss Whedon's pink backpack.)


Nov. 19th, 2011 02:17 pm
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There are offers other than mine in all my fandoms! \o/ Thank you, mystery RPF authors, whoever you are. :)
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I did end up requesting BSC, Princess Diaries, Jossverse PRF, and Savage Love RPF.

I made 21 offers, 5 limited (3 to offer only particular pairings, 1 because I'm not caught up on canon, and 1 because I have a dislike for certain characters), 16 any. I aimed for a conservative offer, and for me, this is it. Surprise: I really, really like princesses, girls, and fiction written for people under the age of 20.

I left what I've written of my Dear Author letter at the office, so right now it's just blank, but I'll work on updating it with All The Things over the weekend (and decide whether it's really worth going into work over the weekend just to email myself All The Thoughts on Tech-Savvy At-Risk Youth...)


Hilarious Cow Clicker update: I posted the link to the NPR story to Facebook, and a few minutes later Dad emailed me a link to the story saying he thought I'd be interested in it. Then a few minutes after that he apologized, saying he'd forgotten that he'd gotten the link from me in the first place. :) He was right, I was interested!


Nov. 12th, 2011 01:37 pm
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Yes, I can see my bff giving me this look that says, really, you want more stress in your life?

But I would really like to be part of fandom again, so I am, very carefully, going to play Yuletide this year. I nommed BSC (duh), Dan Savage RPF (.... I really want fic where the tech-savvy at-risk youth take him to task on various stuff. Or basically anything involving tech-savvy at-risk youth being tech-savvy and awesome), and Jossverse RPF (though I'm less committed to that one) and may decide to request something different, depending.

And I will make the most conservative offer ever (for me. I tend to offer in the 60+ fandom range, so less than 10 would be super-conservative for me.)

I accomplished something super hard this morning, and I think the rest of the day will be devoted to watching tv and baking. Maybe I'll even watch tv that I already own rather than convince myself I need to buy new tv. (I will, though, I think, buy myself a quick breads recipe book, if I can find such a thing.)


Nov. 15th, 2010 03:23 pm
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I just signed up for Secret Slasha, as I have every year since 2004. I'm still dithering about Yuletide.

It would make me sad not to sign up for Yuletide, because it's a tradition, but there are valid reasons why not:
+Last year I kind of flunked; I did read and comment on my gift fic, but there were various Treats that I still haven't gotten around to reading. :/
+There aren't any stories I desperately need. There are totally plenty of requests I could make; I went through the list o' fandoms and made a list o' possible requests, but nothing that went I MUST HAVE THAT.
+I haven't written any fic since last Yuletide/Secret Slasha.
+I don't really need deadlines in my life.

I'm thinking I might just stalk the pinch hit list (although without internet at home that's harder to do).

Or maybe I'll just do Yuletide Madness, if it's open to all AO3 users. (I've emailed the mods to ask them; I seem to recall some debate about this last year although there's no record of it in [livejournal.com profile] yuletide_admin. Madness is my favorite part, anyhow (Last Minute Panic suits my writing technique best *g*), so that would be a good compromise.
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Yuletide is a wee bit broken. BUT. I managed to find my fic!

It is Three Christmases With Miss Honey, Matilda + Miss Honey, G, and it is SO SO SO YUMMY. YUMMY LIKE CAKE.

And my Secret Yuletide Author promises there's a longer fic after Yuletide! Hooray!

Gah, it's... Matilda, and Miss Honey, and family-of-choice, and the voices are just right and I just want to curl up in it. Sweet and perfect and just what I asked for and there's more to come. D'awwww.

I will leave a comment later, but right now the archive is under a lot of strain (no, rly?) so hopefully if my Yuletide author is still awake, ze'll see this thank you note. :) And those of you interested in Matilda and Miss Honey cuddling in a gen way can go read it when the archive is a little less broken.
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Don't ask about NaNo. Or, ask me about sparkly Lutheran vampires, but don't ask me about wordcount!

I signed up for Yuletide at the very exact last minute, figuring that if I wasn't meant to do Yuletide this year, I wouldn't finish my sign-up in time. Apparently the universe wants more Ari-fic! (Girlfriend says the universe is a better place with more Ari-fic in it, and there certainly hasn't been an abundance of it this year!)

My Yuletide letter is here (Fandoms: Matilda, Beethoven's Last Night, "The Finishing School" by Patrick Califia, and the It Girl series).
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Dear Yuletide author,

Thank you so much for signing up to write in one of my fandoms! I hope you will enjoy rereading, rewatching, or relistening to one of these sources, or that you'll discover something you'd never heard of that you love! I'm so happy that you'll be writing for me!

Pinch hitters and Yuletide Madness fairies, thanks for stopping by! :)
under the cut cos it's massively long! )
Happy Yuletide!

Ari (that is the name you'll find me under on the participant list)


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