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Media consumed on my summer vacation (and several days following).

I'm having trouble making words, so these aren't full write-ups or analyses by any means. But. Words on paper.

Media consumed on my summer vacation (and the next couple of days)

1. I reread What Was She Thinking? aka Notes on a Scandal by ZoĆ« Heller. 100% of my feels about this book are summed up with "DO ME BARBARA." My response to the movie, lo these many years ago, was much the same. When I watched it with my ex (no, other ex), she tried to explain to me that Judi Dench's character is a sociopath, but I was like, no, if the younger woman (sic) were REALLY INTO IT then it would be lovely and Barbara would be sane. So there and ♥__♥

So. Barbara Covett. I want her to devour me.

2. I reread Matilda by Roald Dahl. Is it bad that I have way many more thoughts about this than the above? Cos I do. And while I have difficulty seeing anything bad in Barbara Covett, I have way more complicated feelings about Miss Honey.

[cut for being vaguely spoilery and for talking about abuse.]

matilda )

3. Elizabeth and I saw Joss Whedon's What I Did on My Summer Vacation Much Ado About Nothing. Unsurprisingly, I have more feelings about Joss&family than about the show itself, although it was quite entertaining. Like how Joss has apparently moved on from his obsession with Summer Glau's feet, and opened with a shot of Alexis Denisof's feet.

4. I borrowed War for the Oaks by Emma Bull from Elizabeth. It was entertaining; sanctioned OTP is lovely, but alas there are no malicious/broken/lovely/brilliant female teachers so it would have had to be pretty amazing to compensate for that deficiency.

5. I borrowed a few comic collections from the library. First Ultimate Fantastic Four, hardback collection #4, which collects the strips from God War and Devils and an X-Men crossover. I was hoping to add Fantastic Four to the collection of Marvel characters I know enough to occasionally read fic or comics about, but I accidentally cared more about the secondary characters than the Four in pretty much every arc, so. That's not gonna work out.

6. Then I read Invincible Iron Man trade 2, World's Most Wanted part 1. I had SO MANY FEELS. And then I discovered that my library catalogues these really poorly, so there are 35 items indexed as "V. 2. World's most wanted, bk. 1 -- v. 6. Stark resilient -" including the one I have, so I don't know if they're all actually World's Most Wanted volume 1 or what. Hands. I really want to read more of this. (Tony and Pepper were really added to my collection after seeing Avengers, but this added Maria Hill, so, success.)
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oh dear.

Skimming Yuletide letters and the "I want my men to be MEN! MANLY MEN! Not teenage girls!" makes me want to go, "I want my teenage girls to be GIRLS! Teenage girls! Not manly men." But I would be 100% okay with trans fic for my teenage girls, so it would be a lie. (Well, sort of. I don't think Tina Hakim Baba will ever be a ~manly man~, which doesn't mean Tina will never be a man. Maybe I will say it: TEENAGE GIRLS! I want my teenage girls to be girly girls. Even if they are boys.)

(Of course, I am also okay with my men acting like teenage girls, see also Joss Whedon's pink backpack.)
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As I'm sure you've heard by now, Joss and his harem got together and made a Shakespearean movie in his spare time.

I don't have words for how much I love my big incestuous cast 'n' crew.

Here're some interviews with Joss, Sean, and Amy.

I was wondering where the "Whedonverse alums react to Sean coming out" fic was. Apparently they decided to write it themselves.

(Whatever, I'm tagging it Joss/Alexis because it is in my head. Love letter to the cast, indeed.)

you guys!

May. 11th, 2010 10:03 pm
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there is Joss Whedon fanart in the internets!

Warning/Enticement: Nudity.

Happy place! (The rest of the alphabet is pretty awesome, too.) (Josss!)
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This was linked on the flist (which I am way behind on and can't catch up; sorry!) in an entirely different context, but dude. Wee Joss article, mostly about E.Dushku's career, BUT:
We were impressed that Dushku held such sway over Whedon and wondered if he had that kind of bond with other actors. Whedon said that he's closer on a daily basis with Buffyverse alumni like Alyson Hannigan, Amy Acker, and Alexis Denisof.

By "closer" he means "having sex" you know.


My hat, it is made of tin.

rpf alert

Jul. 27th, 2007 04:03 pm
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I have v. little interest in Joss's actors outside their native habitats, but wow. Summer Glau talks about an upcoming role and could Joss/Summer be any more canon? Aww.
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[Cameron, Ann/Paula, Caleb, Mac, Joss, tWW support staff (spoiler-free, Elizabeth), River.]

these were a lot of fun )

And one for me:
Five elements that would be present in My Ideal TV Show:
1. Written by Joss.
2. Featuring Allison Janney.
3. About gifted teenagers.
4. Set in an apocalyptic future, or possibly in space (OR BOTH).
5. People are very good at their jobs, except when they become too emotionally invested, and then people die.

I'd love to hear your answers to that last one! (For your own ideal TV shows. Obviously. ALthough if you wanted to point out something obvious I've missed for mine, that would be okay too.)

And with that, I'm off! See you on Thursday! (NGIP)
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Title: "Gone Hollywood"
Fandom: Joss
Pairing(s): Joss/Alexis, Joss/Wesley
Other Pairings Mentioned: Joss-->Nate UST, Aly/Alexis, Joss/Kai, Wesley/Fred, Wesley/Lilah, Wesley/Illyria
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: RPS. FPS. Fantasy. Reality. Sex. Power. Costumes. Boyslash. Het (non-graphic). Auto-eroticism. Pretension (Joss's). Pretension (Alexis's). Pretension (mine). Broken fourth wall. Shifting point of view. Alcoholic beverages. Character death (fictional). Cancellation of shows (sadly not fictional.)
Spoilers/Timeline: Season three of Angel through "Not Fade Away," with references to canonical metaverse events mentioned in commentaries on the S5 DVDs.
Notes: Buffyworld is my friend. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] hermionesviolin for help in formulating one of the crucial connections.
Disclaimer: All the parts that aren't filthy lies about Joss's sex life, um, belong to Joss.
Summary: Joss Whedon is Pygmalion, King of LA, in love with his own creation.
Words: 3329
this cut-text is censored as the opening sentence of this fic is NC-17 RPS )
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Joss. OMG.. To quote [livejournal.com profile] inlovewithnight, the man is on *drugs*. The good drugs. The kind he shares. *makes icons*

Well, actually, just one icon, but my God, the *funny*. *is heartless and evil* You're welcome to snurch if you're heartless and evil too.


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