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Dear author,

I am am delightfully bizarre.



Dear author: I am delightfully bizarre, or, seven years of ficathon sign-ups.

I am easy to please. I like porn, I like romance. I like humor, I like srs bsns world building or character studies. I like magical realism and AUs and tropes and ridiculousness and ridiculous premises taken absolutely seriously, wedding fic and curtain fic and kidfic and futurefic and nostalgia fic and crossovers and fusions.

I like femslash. A lot.

Maggots squick me. So does sounding (the sexual practice).

EDIT: A random list of words, phrases, and concepts that are exciting to me, should you want additional inspiration. They are all completely optional:

wings, glitter, princesses, letter-writing, a day at the beach, writer's block, lists, studying for a test, revisiting childhood memories, awkward holiday meals, chosen family, polyamory, tryptophan-induced sleepy snuggling, pillow fights, making dinner together, art projects, sewing, fabric, fancy dress parties, cooking/baking/potion-brewing, sharing a tiny bathroom and navigating brushing/flossing/getting ready for the day without bumping into each other, doing the shopping, animal companions, committed introverts and their partners who respect them, abuse of power, adults respecting children...

And kink/pornwise:
caning, spanking, discipline, cross-gen relationships, student/teacher relationships, did I mention abuse of power, biting, pain, petplay, ageplay, watersports, forced femme, strap-ons, awkward sex, oral sex, fashion-as-kink, classroom sex, outdoor sex, playing footsie in public, being so turned on they can't even make it to bed, awkward discovery by inappropriate parties (parents, children, students), characters who know what they want and are proactive about getting it, people being loudly bossy in bed



1. Baby-Sitters Club
Characters: Kristy Thomas, Mary Anne Spier, Stacey McGill, Claudia Kishi.
Optional Details what are optional:

I love femslash. Any number of girls, any era, any combination, any rating.

I request BSC almost every time I sign up for a panfandom ficathon, because it is the fandom of my heart, 100%, since I was six years old. There is no childhood ruining possible -- write me any kink on the kink_bingo list, and I will love you. Write me fluffy fluffy G-rated handholding when the girls themselves are six, and I will love you. Write me pining and longing and unrequited love for straight bff, and I will love-and-hate-and-love you. Write me same-sex-marriage-is-legal-in-Connecticut-AND-California bicoastal weddingfic and I will love you. Write me AUs where they're princesses, nuns, pirates, or puppies, and I will love you.

I requested these four characters because they're the core of what I love about the BSC, but they aren't binding. Tossing in the other girl baby-sitters (Dawn, Shannon, Mal, Jessi, Abby) would be fine, and I ship Stacey/Charlotte too. Twosomes, threesomes, etcsomes are all fine. I OTP the best friend sets, but mixing and matching is also cool. I use the BSC tag for tagging all BSC babble, of which there has been a lot over the years. Not particularly interested in het ships in this fandom.

2. The Cat Ate My Gymsuit - Paula Danziger
Requested character: Barbara Finney
Optional details what are optional:

I read this book to pieces as a child.

I'd love anything about the compromises Ms Finney makes and the ones she's unable to make (for example. Ms Finney is a lesbian or bisexual woman, but chooses to closet about that so that she can continue to teach and share feminist and progressive values with her students -- but any direction you want to take that would be fine). Or anything showing Ms Finney interacting with Marcie (including, but definitely 100% not required, femslash).

As it says in the optional details. Not particularly interested in het ships in this fandom.

3. Discworld
Requested character: Esmerelda "Granny" Weatherwax
Optional details what are optional:
Things I'd love: a witches adventure, with any set of three (or an awkward attempt at a coven of a different size). A headological piece about Granny Weatherwax at any era in her life. Granny acting on her own to do what's Right. Granny acting on her own and not doing what's Right. Granny/Nanny femslash. Granny/Tiffany femslash. Granny trying to wrangle witches who insist on femslashing when they should be focusing on their responsibility. Something darkly humorous. Something straight-up completely ridiculous. Etc.

Again, as it says in the optional details. Explicitly stating that Esme/Lily is okay. Not particularly interested in het ships in this fandom, particularly for Granny Weatherwax.

4. As Time Goes By
Requested characters: Jean Pargetter, Lionel Hardcastle
Optional details what are optional:
Jean/Lionel was one of my very first OTPs. Anything about them, any rating, from any era, would be delightful.

This show gave me a permanent kink for long-separated lovers reunited, so the nostalgia longing pining thing hits me deep in the gut. I love this pairing because there's that bittersweet piece with the present-day relationship in which there is happiness and joy together. Not particularly interested in pairings other than this one, but if you want to write Lionel as a woman (cis or trans) that would be fine.


Thank you so much for writing for me! If you are unsure about anything, questions can go through the mods or through [personal profile] hermionesviolin, my bff, who knows me with a knowing that's true.
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Working on the endless importing of all my fic into Ao3, and #Invisible Third why am I the only person using this tag? Is there some other phrase for it of which I'm unaware? ("Triangulation," but that only has one use.) Surely people frelling/kissing/dating/marrying each other because the person they're mutually interested in is unavailable/uninterested/inappropriate/dead (or alive, if characters doing the sexing are dead) is a thing? It's not even that it's a particular kink of mine, it's just... a thing. That I write a lot. Because of reasons.

(Icon on DW because Mary Anne is invisible third in the Kristy/Dawn that happens in my head sometimes. To choose an example completely at random.)
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Title: "New Toy"
Fandom: Baby-Sitters Club
Pairing: Kristy Thomas/Mary Anne Spier
Medium: colored pencil
Content notes: Characters are underage in canon but aged up in image. No other standard notes apply. Image is NWFW.
Rating: Explicit.
Notes: For [community profile] kink_bingo's "object penetration" square. Part of a tiny bingo. Very sketchy (hence mini) and bb's first fanart.

NSFW image under cut )
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Dear Yuletide author,

[Fandoms are Jossverse RPF, Savage Love RPF, Baby-Sitters Club - Ann M Martin, and Princess Diaries - Meg Cabot. The rest is behind a cut because it is so ridiculously long I don't even.]
this is the cut tag )

In conclusion, THANK YOU for writing a story for me. I know I will love it.

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I wrote 0 treats, but I had a lovely lovely lovely Christmas Eve service and then woke up this morning to lovely lovely lovely Stacey/Charlotte fic for Yuletide. (Well, first I woke up to open the physical gift that I got from Mrs. S, but then an hour later I got to come here and unwrap "Your Words in My Memory." YAY!

And in half an hour I get to leave for church again. :)


Nov. 12th, 2011 01:37 pm
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Yes, I can see my bff giving me this look that says, really, you want more stress in your life?

But I would really like to be part of fandom again, so I am, very carefully, going to play Yuletide this year. I nommed BSC (duh), Dan Savage RPF (.... I really want fic where the tech-savvy at-risk youth take him to task on various stuff. Or basically anything involving tech-savvy at-risk youth being tech-savvy and awesome), and Jossverse RPF (though I'm less committed to that one) and may decide to request something different, depending.

And I will make the most conservative offer ever (for me. I tend to offer in the 60+ fandom range, so less than 10 would be super-conservative for me.)

I accomplished something super hard this morning, and I think the rest of the day will be devoted to watching tv and baking. Maybe I'll even watch tv that I already own rather than convince myself I need to buy new tv. (I will, though, I think, buy myself a quick breads recipe book, if I can find such a thing.)
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Via [livejournal.com profile] netgirl_y2k

1. Write down the names of 10 characters.
2. Write a fic of twenty words or less for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. Do NOT read the prompts before you do step 1.

1. Mary Anne Spier [Baby-Sitters Club]
2. Buffy Summers [Buffy the Vampire Slayer]
3. Kaylee Frye. [Firefly]
4. Illyria [Angel]
5. Fred Burkle [Angel]
6. Richard Spier [Baby-Sitters Club]
7. Hermione Granger [Harry Potter]
8. Ann M. Martin [Baby-Sitters Club RPF]
9. Kara Whalen [It Girl]
10. Matilda Wormwood [Matilda]

[nb: some of the prompts are somewhat shippy, so you might want to be careful about who you put on your list as characters may end up in combination. That said, there is no incest in my ficlets.]

[Spoilers: BtVS "Graduation Day"

Read more... )

Also, I remembered two other major fannish accomplishments from my exceptionally long haitus: I read A Song of Ice and Fire (and realized I'd been calling it "Song of Fire and Ice" for something like three years. Whoops.) And I read most Robin Hobb's Realm of the Elderings (Farseer, Liveship Traders, and Tawny Man; I think I'll leave the Rain Wilds until the series is complete). I bet you'll never guess who my favorite character is?!
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Today I went shopping with [livejournal.com profile] geekgirl4christ and got a swimsuit (yay! Also, I am incredibly blessed to have a body that's flattered by a traditional one-piece suit, and to have been spared some yucky indoctrination, because I found the process totally angst-free. I tried on three suits at the first store I went to, one style that didn't flatter at all and then 2 in the same style, different sizes, chose the bigger size [both fit okay, but my cleavage was less likely to fall out of the larger one] and bought it. Yay! Angst-free).

I also may have asked one of the shoppeople at Hot Topic if they carried Team Alice shirts. I haven't even read Twilight! Nor seen it! I know only by hearsay and fannish osmosis that I play for Team Alice!

In "My Home Is Fandom" news, Facebook won't let me list Stoneybrook CT as my hometown. :/ I grew up equally much in NJ and MA, and there are no cities of my adulthood that I am attached enough to to call home, but as Elizabeth aptly phrased it (recapitulating my reasoning), Stoneybrook/the BSC is the fandom of my childhood that I return to again and again for that childlike comfort of home.

Got a half dozenish BSC books at Half-Price books. Mmm, collection is growing!

I'm happily sleepy after a full and successful day. I keep making happy sleepy sounds to myself. :)
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Ten minutes till I have to leave for work. Tonight is dinner with my ex-mother-in-law (yes, I am going through with it, to those people who may've wondered). I wish I could arm myself with something more powerful than prayers. Like maybe a machete. Or a magic want that punches people in the face (hat tip to Elizabeth). At least I have a skirt! I've been dressing up all week, partially because I'm out of shorts and jeans, but also because I would like to get a chance to wear all the girly clothes I have stockpiled. I'm even wearing earrings.

Books I'm in the middle of:
Baby-Sitters Club: The Summer Before by Ann M. Martin. I am reading this slowly, partially to savor it, partially to ward off nostalgia bees. And partially because I think the epic lgbtfest plotbunny I had (not that I posted it for lgbtfest) is going to get jossed worse than it already is. But it's really good in a lot of ways.

Adult Children of Abusive Parents: A Healing Program for Those Who Have been Physically, Emotionally, or Sexually Abused by Steven Farmer. I kind of stalled in the middle of reading through the This Is What You Can Do part.

The Runaway Dragon by Kate Coombs. Princess pastiche.

Flora Segunda by Ysabeau Wilce. Not sure if I like it enough to read further.

Fly By Night by Frances Hardinge. Slytherin hero and her Slytherin companion!

Shannon's Story by Nola Thacker. I don't think I actually read this in my former BSC-reading days.

And that's it. Time for work. Where I'm in the middle of listening to The Giver by Lois Lowry and next up is So Yesterday by Scott Westerfeld (which I recently read in paper and ink form).
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I have decided the best way to organize my BSC books is chronologically by publication date -- that is, with Super Specials and Mysteries mixed in where they fit in the main series timeline. And Little Sister books, too.

Why, other than to drive myself insaner?

So that I can make a complete (looping!) timeline of the series. This is one of my Major BSC Canon Projects. The other is making a spreadsheet of how attractive they all find each other in every chapter 2, to see if I can draw lines of desire using the power of SCIENCE.

I've separated my adult books from my good middle reader/young adult books:

([livejournal.com profile] fox1013's icon, that is)

The only problem with this?

+I am still buying into the artificial separation of quality literature like Little Women and formulaic crap like my horribly offensive crime-solving nun books adult and young adult and middle reader fiction?
+Despite having only half as much adult fiction, I still don't have room to shelve it?
+I don't know how to sort the YA stuff that doesn't have authors?
+It highlights the sad gaps in the series I am collecting?
+I totally forgot about the twenty+ SVH books I had hidden in the closet, so now I am not sure I have adequate shelving after all?
+There's still no way to hide the fact that the single largest category of books I own is BSC books.
+And I'm cataloging them according to my own geeky system
+and putting all the Paula Danziger books in front of all the Ann M. Martin books so that Snail Mail No More (and eventually, P.S., Longer Letter Later can live together?
+and calling this whole section of my bookshelves "Pollyanna."
+Meanwhile, on the adult side, I can see that my thorough-going devotion to mysteries, clergy and religious, crime-solving religious, and pedophilia is plainly on display. (Okay, I've only got Lolita and Tom Perotta's Little Children, plus various mysteries involving members of the Catholic church so... face meets desk.

I sold back a box of books to Half-Price books this afternoon. With the proceeds I bought 2 Little Sister books and a vegetarian cookbook.

One of my yardsale finds: Sammy Keyes and the Sisters of Mercy by Wenelin Van Draanen. Let's see. This book is:

+Part of a series
+of mysteries
+for kids
+and has bonus surprise nuns.


(Ooh, and I have just realized that Sammy is a girl! EVEN BETTER!)

Wee femslash porn battle at [livejournal.com profile] femmeslash.

I really wish more of you lived around here and could come over and have a slumber party. :(

BSC AU ideas that I have had in the past year:
+BSC Regency Romance AU (The Young Governesses series). I have titles for the first four books! A Dangerous Habit, The Bradford Phantom, Chosen Vices and Secret Salvation.
+BSC convent AU. Because Kristy Thomas was born to be a Mother Superior.

I'm reading the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld and writing BtVS crossovers in my head. Maybe someday I will actually write fanfic on paper again.
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Title: "What Bisexuals Do In Bed"
Fandom: Baby-Sitters Club
Pairing: Abby Stevenson/Dawn Schafer
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers/Timeline: Through Abby's arrival with minor California Diaries references.
Disclaimer: Ann is God; I'm just her slave.
Notes: Yuletide Treat for [livejournal.com profile] escritoireazul in [livejournal.com profile] yuletide 2008. Originally posted here.
Summary: It turns out Dawn and Abby have a lot to talk about.
Wordcount: 500 (Quintuple drabble plus section headings).

Dawn was sitting cross-legged on Claudia's bed )
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In the other window, I'm writing gay (male) porn. In this window? BSC love.


Okay, quick intro. The Baby-Sitters Club is a series of books about these middle school girls who run a baby-sitting business/club in the fictional town of Stoneybrook, Connecticut, USA. The series was originally conceived of as a four-book deal by God Ann M. Martin, a sweet, shy twentysomething author who'd done lots of baby-sitting as a girl in Princeton, New Jersey, gone to Smith College, taught for a year, worked as an editor for a bit, and originally got to write fulltime in her NYC apartment, where she lived with a succession of cats.

for some reason, this got kinda long )
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I dreamed that the girlfriend and I were finally catching up on Stargate: SG-1 and we started right in the middle of S... 9? 10? Or something.

Anyhow, it opened with MShanks and BBrowder (okay, okay, Daniel and Cameron, but srsly my brain was parsing it as the actors) in the middle of having sex. Like, really, really screen-meltingly hot naked-and-groping (but without any actual Bits because then Skiffy couldn't air it, yeah?) sex.

Like, I would be catching up on SG-1 NOW if this were true.


(Then the dream digressed into this whole... Baby-Sitters Club [there was CUDDLING WITH MARY ANNE!]/kidnapped-by-my-grandparents tropical vacation with fantasy elements [ghost puppies?] and Claudia designing outfits and like, painting her jeans black [and Claudia was FRELLING GORGEOUS; her hair is like a dream come true] and I don't even know.]


Jul. 30th, 2008 05:17 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] piperrhiannon, I got your packaaaaage! I am so blessed by the mail gods. And the BSC gods, For serious. Thank you so much. Any fic you want, it's yours to add to my ever-growing list of Fics I Owe People.

porn battle

Jan. 9th, 2008 03:29 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] oxoniensis's porn battle has reached Round Five! Prompt collection is going on right now.

Read the rules carefully, or you might accidentally write a dozen Baby-Sitters Club requests that are not in compliance with their rules. And I totally wanted them aged up, for the record. All right. Everyone's over sixteen in all my other fandoms, I think.

unsuitable BSC prompts, for my records )
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Title: "Abby's Hanukkah Tales!"
Fandom: Baby-Sitters Club
Featured character: Abby Stevenson
Featured pairings: Stacey/Charlotte, Dawn/Kristy
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers/Timeline: Hahahahahaha. V. funny.
Disclaimer: I'm just her slave okay!
Notes: Officially assigned pinch hit for [livejournal.com profile] tornyourdress in Yuletide 2007. Originally posted here
Summary: Isn't homoerotic bickering the true meaning of every holiday? Lesbian drama, terrible puns, and no one grows older but everyone's gay. In other words, just like canon.
Wordcount: 3058

hanukkah. the festival of lights )
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Title: "Opening Night"
Fandom: Baby-Sitters Club
Featured characters: Janine (and Claudia) Kishi
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: And I remain, Ann, Your Biggest Fan.
Notes: A stocking stuffer for [livejournal.com profile] piscaria in Yuletide 2007. Originally posted here.
Summary: Janine is hiding in the bathroom, and her sister knows a secret.
Wordcount: 915

Janine takes a deep, shuddery breath that she lets out slowly )
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+The current randomly featured fandom in the Yuletide archive is the BSC. :D

Maybe it's for me! Maybe there is fic in the archive for me RIGHT NOW!


+Next up, revising and editing, Buffywatching, and Secret Slasha. SQUEE.

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New Tradition
[Stacey/Janine. G. Tradition (hold your breath and count to three). For [livejournal.com profile] thelastgoodname]
new tradition )

Refreshment Committee
[Claudia/Dawn. PG. Merry-making (a delectable holiday treat). For [livejournal.com profile] queenzulu]
refreshment committee )

[Jessi/Mal. PG. Nutcracker Suite (and so are you). For [livejournal.com profile] sangerin]
sugar )

[Mary Anne/Dawn. G. fanfiction exchange fest gift-giving (it's not a secret anymore). For [livejournal.com profile] alixtii]
frenzy )

[Jessi/Mallory. PG. Snowman (it's a symbol not a substitute). For [livejournal.com profile] chesire23]
machismo )
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Because I don't have any of these overdue, oh noe. Guaranteed to the first five, but you're welcome to make suggestions after that.

Please leave:
Baby-Sitters Club girlslash pairing & a random winter holiday-related word



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