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Today I went shopping with [livejournal.com profile] geekgirl4christ and got a swimsuit (yay! Also, I am incredibly blessed to have a body that's flattered by a traditional one-piece suit, and to have been spared some yucky indoctrination, because I found the process totally angst-free. I tried on three suits at the first store I went to, one style that didn't flatter at all and then 2 in the same style, different sizes, chose the bigger size [both fit okay, but my cleavage was less likely to fall out of the larger one] and bought it. Yay! Angst-free).

I also may have asked one of the shoppeople at Hot Topic if they carried Team Alice shirts. I haven't even read Twilight! Nor seen it! I know only by hearsay and fannish osmosis that I play for Team Alice!

In "My Home Is Fandom" news, Facebook won't let me list Stoneybrook CT as my hometown. :/ I grew up equally much in NJ and MA, and there are no cities of my adulthood that I am attached enough to to call home, but as Elizabeth aptly phrased it (recapitulating my reasoning), Stoneybrook/the BSC is the fandom of my childhood that I return to again and again for that childlike comfort of home.

Got a half dozenish BSC books at Half-Price books. Mmm, collection is growing!

I'm happily sleepy after a full and successful day. I keep making happy sleepy sounds to myself. :)
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Ten minutes till I have to leave for work. Tonight is dinner with my ex-mother-in-law (yes, I am going through with it, to those people who may've wondered). I wish I could arm myself with something more powerful than prayers. Like maybe a machete. Or a magic want that punches people in the face (hat tip to Elizabeth). At least I have a skirt! I've been dressing up all week, partially because I'm out of shorts and jeans, but also because I would like to get a chance to wear all the girly clothes I have stockpiled. I'm even wearing earrings.

Books I'm in the middle of:
Baby-Sitters Club: The Summer Before by Ann M. Martin. I am reading this slowly, partially to savor it, partially to ward off nostalgia bees. And partially because I think the epic lgbtfest plotbunny I had (not that I posted it for lgbtfest) is going to get jossed worse than it already is. But it's really good in a lot of ways.

Adult Children of Abusive Parents: A Healing Program for Those Who Have been Physically, Emotionally, or Sexually Abused by Steven Farmer. I kind of stalled in the middle of reading through the This Is What You Can Do part.

The Runaway Dragon by Kate Coombs. Princess pastiche.

Flora Segunda by Ysabeau Wilce. Not sure if I like it enough to read further.

Fly By Night by Frances Hardinge. Slytherin hero and her Slytherin companion!

Shannon's Story by Nola Thacker. I don't think I actually read this in my former BSC-reading days.

And that's it. Time for work. Where I'm in the middle of listening to The Giver by Lois Lowry and next up is So Yesterday by Scott Westerfeld (which I recently read in paper and ink form).
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Quick Britglish question: What would Giles call this article of clothing? Wiki seems to be telling me "vest," but I'd like the flist's opinion.

ETA: Research on the internets confirms that said article of clothing is a "vest." For those who loved the USian one so much, Marks and Spencer, Paul Smith make vests. This is apparently a singlet (from behind). Sometimes disturbingly young-looking girls model vests and pants in the middle of a field.

Though clothiers seem more likely to call the object in question a "vest top" when it's meant as outerwear, but I think "vest" will be fine.

More ETA: Now I'm just link spamming you.

But Miss Selfridge makes vests and boobtubes, and I am cracking myself up trying to imagine Giles ever calling any article of clothing EVER a boobtube.

From Dorothy Perkins one, two, three.

Some v. basic Vests from Wolsey. (By the by, this is a Wolsey singlet.)

This is a camisole, but this is a vest, per Peacocks. But you cannot see the true AWESOME of that top without zooming in on the sparklies.

A vest from Republic and, I kid you not, a hooch rosewater vest. And here's a singlet t-shirt, though it's also called a "racer back vest."

And none of this is getting drabbles written.

E I swear for the last time TA: Hotties in tanktops. And vests and singlets and in the case of Helen Mirren, NO TOP AT ALL.
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Hairdye project sad failure. Hair still brown, with maybe vaguely purple tinge if you're looking for it.

Possibly should have invested in bleach. Woe. Perhaps may try again?

Meanwhile, though, just checked gmail and got big old batch of Yuletide feedback since last night. (Clearly the solution to Yuletide feedback woe problems? Write SO MANY STORIES that law of averages demands that at least one of them is readable.)

Though I'm terribly fond of most all of my stories, I think I'm gladdest about the feedback my actual, originally assigned story is getting. For various reasons that will be obvious upon reveal, its readership is not large, but my recipient liked it and so have a few other people, and I feel prouder for having [redacted]. Sigh, much as I'm enjoying the frenzy of feedback and recs posts, I'm looking forward to reveal so that I can actually talk about the ten fics and what they say about me.

3 ships is due tomorrow. Um. I know what I'll be doing tonight? (Reabsorbing source and trying, as always, to come up with a plot that is not simply, "And then they had incredibly hot, fantastic sex.")
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Anyone else attempting to pronounce taken to saying "POTTERDAMMERUNG in ominous tones every so often?

(Dad is totally starting to cave on the midnight-release issue! But how can I go to a midnight release without a costume! Woe!)
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1. I wore my big butch leather jacket today. It made me look hot as hell and made me feel strong and sexy and like the kind of person who belongs in a big butch leather jacket.
2. The library has all five Harry Potter books, so I borrowed Chamber of Secrets from the library.
3. There's a special on TV about blogging. It feels very weird and meta.
4. My sad songs playlist.
5. I love the kids I tutor. They're wonderful, and tutoring is wonderful. It makes me feel safe and happy and like I have real skills that can actually help people.

Three things I did well.
1. I went to see my advisor.
2. I went to the meeting about the thesis.
3. I participated in class.

Two things that I am looking forward to doing (better) tomorrow:
1. I will wake up.
2. I will function.


Oct. 31st, 2003 11:36 pm
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I went out tonight. To the Halloween mixer, which wasn't very... mixy. My feet hurt. My body hurts. I feel like I only just escaped in time before the panic set in. It was okay, some of the time, dancing with PEGs and stuff, but then I just... too much. Too bright. Too loud. Too... social.

I tried, you know. I let go. I just was. I danced. I let my body move. I tried not to think, just to be.

Fuck that.

Got whistled at by townies, too. EW. Am all creeped out. I looked hot tonight. I know it. I got flirted with by the random boy who was at lunch the other day. I'm a girl. I'm female. It's so weird. I'm in this tight little black dress, not slutty--okay, a little slutty, but tasteful. I wear it to church on Christmas Eve. But still. I looked good. I, who live in khakis and a t-shirt.

It's so weird.

And you know what? All I wanted was to be back here. Because as much fun as the friend people are, they aren't...


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