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Finished the Ramona books.

Read the following Ann M. Martin books from the library:
+The Runaway Dolls (with Laura Godwin) -- made me want to reread the Borrowers.
+Coming Apart, Main Street #9. I am enjoying the end of this series less than the beginning. :/
+Everything for a Dog, which I actually liked better than A Dog's Life, although it didn't make me cry.
+Ten Rules for Living with My Sister - so much fun.
+Better to Wish and The Long Way Home, the first two books in the Family Tree series -- I loved these immensely.

Until I can acquire more Ann from the library, rereading Harriet the Spy.

(While reading these books, btw, I am skipping over the animal deaths. Human deaths are fine, but animal deaths I can't.)

And various perfumes, and at work have been listening to music on my mp3 player, a randomish collection of upbeat stuff, to keep me awake.
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Via [livejournal.com profile] netgirl_y2k

1. Write down the names of 10 characters.
2. Write a fic of twenty words or less for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. Do NOT read the prompts before you do step 1.

1. Mary Anne Spier [Baby-Sitters Club]
2. Buffy Summers [Buffy the Vampire Slayer]
3. Kaylee Frye. [Firefly]
4. Illyria [Angel]
5. Fred Burkle [Angel]
6. Richard Spier [Baby-Sitters Club]
7. Hermione Granger [Harry Potter]
8. Ann M. Martin [Baby-Sitters Club RPF]
9. Kara Whalen [It Girl]
10. Matilda Wormwood [Matilda]

[nb: some of the prompts are somewhat shippy, so you might want to be careful about who you put on your list as characters may end up in combination. That said, there is no incest in my ficlets.]

[Spoilers: BtVS "Graduation Day"

Read more... )

Also, I remembered two other major fannish accomplishments from my exceptionally long haitus: I read A Song of Ice and Fire (and realized I'd been calling it "Song of Fire and Ice" for something like three years. Whoops.) And I read most Robin Hobb's Realm of the Elderings (Farseer, Liveship Traders, and Tawny Man; I think I'll leave the Rain Wilds until the series is complete). I bet you'll never guess who my favorite character is?!
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I have decided the best way to organize my BSC books is chronologically by publication date -- that is, with Super Specials and Mysteries mixed in where they fit in the main series timeline. And Little Sister books, too.

Why, other than to drive myself insaner?

So that I can make a complete (looping!) timeline of the series. This is one of my Major BSC Canon Projects. The other is making a spreadsheet of how attractive they all find each other in every chapter 2, to see if I can draw lines of desire using the power of SCIENCE.

I've separated my adult books from my good middle reader/young adult books:

([livejournal.com profile] fox1013's icon, that is)

The only problem with this?

+I am still buying into the artificial separation of quality literature like Little Women and formulaic crap like my horribly offensive crime-solving nun books adult and young adult and middle reader fiction?
+Despite having only half as much adult fiction, I still don't have room to shelve it?
+I don't know how to sort the YA stuff that doesn't have authors?
+It highlights the sad gaps in the series I am collecting?
+I totally forgot about the twenty+ SVH books I had hidden in the closet, so now I am not sure I have adequate shelving after all?
+There's still no way to hide the fact that the single largest category of books I own is BSC books.
+And I'm cataloging them according to my own geeky system
+and putting all the Paula Danziger books in front of all the Ann M. Martin books so that Snail Mail No More (and eventually, P.S., Longer Letter Later can live together?
+and calling this whole section of my bookshelves "Pollyanna."
+Meanwhile, on the adult side, I can see that my thorough-going devotion to mysteries, clergy and religious, crime-solving religious, and pedophilia is plainly on display. (Okay, I've only got Lolita and Tom Perotta's Little Children, plus various mysteries involving members of the Catholic church so... face meets desk.

I sold back a box of books to Half-Price books this afternoon. With the proceeds I bought 2 Little Sister books and a vegetarian cookbook.

One of my yardsale finds: Sammy Keyes and the Sisters of Mercy by Wenelin Van Draanen. Let's see. This book is:

+Part of a series
+of mysteries
+for kids
+and has bonus surprise nuns.


(Ooh, and I have just realized that Sammy is a girl! EVEN BETTER!)

Wee femslash porn battle at [livejournal.com profile] femmeslash.

I really wish more of you lived around here and could come over and have a slumber party. :(

BSC AU ideas that I have had in the past year:
+BSC Regency Romance AU (The Young Governesses series). I have titles for the first four books! A Dangerous Habit, The Bradford Phantom, Chosen Vices and Secret Salvation.
+BSC convent AU. Because Kristy Thomas was born to be a Mother Superior.

I'm reading the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld and writing BtVS crossovers in my head. Maybe someday I will actually write fanfic on paper again.
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No, srsly, guys.


Two of them are RPF - Scholastic Authors - Ann M Martin/Paula Danziger

+Best Kept has perfect Paula point of view.
+Favourites has perfect Ann point of view

Three of them are Bible - New Testament.

+The Road to Jerusalem is a Jesus/Magdalene historical piece.
+Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) is a Jesus/Magdalene/John hippie!AU.
+The Wine of the World is... well, it's Jesus/Magdalene, of a sort, and it's the most perfect little parable.

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Dear Yuletide Author,


Wee decapitated person is so happy you are writing for me that HANDS ARE IN THE AIR IN GLEEE. As I write this, sign-ups haven't even opened, yet I already know that you are out there, my Wondermous Yuletide Author of Wonder.

... and now sign-ups are open, I am all signed-up. I already pimped RPF - Cry Cry Cry on the Yuletide comm official pimping post, and people signed up to write it! Maybe you are one of them! If so, thank you!

If you're writing for one of my other fandoms, yay! Thank you! I would be SO HAPPY to receive any of these requests that I will FALL OVER on Christmas morning. I will be NOT ABLE TO FUNCTION I will be so thrilled.

First, hi. My name is Ari. I'm a lesbian. I'm a Christian. I've been in fandom since 2003. This is my third Yuletide.

I like het, girlslash, boyslash, poly, incest, and gen. I like BDSM and all kinds of kink, genderfuck, crack, wingfic, magical realism, worldbuilding, thinky fic, and theology.

I don't like homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, racism, sexism, ableism, classism, anti-semitism or ageism. I really hope that won't be a problem with anything you write but just, yanno, throwing it out there.

Now, on to the specific requests.
biblehetotp! )

cult of mina! )

folksingers! )

single white kidlit author in search of same )

In conclusion, THANK YOU! I hope you are excited and not daunted by at least one of my requests, and I hope you have or develop a really awesome plotbunny that you enjoy writing as much as I know I will enjoy reading.

If you have any questions about my tastes or preferences, you could ask a question through the mods, or you could ask [livejournal.com profile] hermionesviolin, partner in crime, who's sure to know.

Happy Yuletide! Thank you! <3<3<3
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In the other window, I'm writing gay (male) porn. In this window? BSC love.


Okay, quick intro. The Baby-Sitters Club is a series of books about these middle school girls who run a baby-sitting business/club in the fictional town of Stoneybrook, Connecticut, USA. The series was originally conceived of as a four-book deal by God Ann M. Martin, a sweet, shy twentysomething author who'd done lots of baby-sitting as a girl in Princeton, New Jersey, gone to Smith College, taught for a year, worked as an editor for a bit, and originally got to write fulltime in her NYC apartment, where she lived with a succession of cats.

for some reason, this got kinda long )
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I should really check Ann's blog more often so I can see things like pictures of her house and an audio interview with her [link].

I am just grinning with the sheer glee of it. ANN. I now own Main Street #4 and should really read it sometime.

... GAH SHE IS SO CUTE. <3<3<3<3<3
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I do it for the joy it brings
because I'm a joyful girl
because the world owes me nothing
and we owe each other the world
I do it because it's the least I can do
I do it because I learned it from you
and I do it just because I want to
because I want to
- Ani DiFranco, "Joyful Girl"

1. This year was the year! for Harry Potter fannishness. First there was Deathly Hallows, best book ever this year, certainly! At least that I read! It totally revitalized my interest in Harry Potter, so much so that I wrote fic, worked on my WiP, joined a Harry Potter community, which inspired yet more fic, and was so excited about item #2 that it warrants its own itemization. Because Harry Potter is amazing, and my beautiful, beautiful dark haired boys. ♥
2. And then JKR outed Dumbledore! Which is still so awesome I can't get over it. Yes, I know, problematic, not denying it, but. DUMBLEDORE. Is the greatest wizard the world has ever known. And is gay. SQUEE.
3. And in sports news, it doesn't get much better than the second WORLD SERIES victory in my lifetime! Go Red Sox! Etc!
4. There was Yuletide (sorted by fandom). I don't know which is more awesome, the fics I had written for me (Marilla/Matthew! MAIN STREET!) or the fact that I finally recovered my writing mojo (FOR KEEPS I HOPE) or the great fannish outpouring of togetherness as we banded together to achieve the entirely possible goal of TWO THOUSAND fics. That was in fact pretty awesome, and the lovely feedback/recs I've gotten? ONLY ICING. This was my second year doing Yuletide and I don't know how I'd finish my year without it!
5. Mmm, Main Street. Does it count as a fandom if it's only two? (That is, me and my SECERT YULETIDE AUTHOR!) Either way, I'm so excited about new canon from Ann. I love the series to bits and pieces and I love having something to look forward to every few months in the AWESOME SHINY FABRIC STORE category. (OH LOOK. Here is a November letter from Ann, all about how she fell in love with Paula upstate New York. Oh, Ann, never stop being you.)

Three things I did well this year:
1. I did not have to default on any ficathons! I was only a little bit late with one, and that was because my power went out.
2. I helped to run [livejournal.com profile] forty_or_better (my contribution was coming up with the name and submitting my fic three days late, and [livejournal.com profile] kindkit was an awesome mod) and helped with one round of [livejournal.com profile] femslash_minis!
3. I didn't write as much fic as I would have liked, but with [livejournal.com profile] hogwarts_elite and [livejournal.com profile] yuletide, I pretty much doubled what my output would have been otherwise! Turns out last minute panic really is the impetus for producing insane amounts of fanfiction!

Two things I am looking forward to [doing (better)] next year:
1. If there are no objections from the viewing audience, I would love to make [livejournal.com profile] femslash_minis active again!
[edit, bonus] 3. Also, I'm going to try to be better about betas in the coming year!
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This will be briefish. My fannish activity in the past monthish has been on the not side.

I watched the first season of Grey's Anatomy. There are no prizes for guessing which character I would really like to have sex with. I mean, all the characters are really pretty and all, but. Gah. So now I've ILL'd the second season so I can watch that even closer to midterms//finals.

There's so much femslash on my flist right now. [livejournal.com profile] femslash07. Yay! Yay! Yay! YAY.

I'm really excited about my Remix assignment. Perhaps I should start writing it pretty soon.

Ann M. Martin is writing a new series (Ann's letter is here). About a fabric store. This is so great I couldn't possibly be making it up. (Also, the characters will AGE. ♥)

I hear yesterday was the tenth anniversary of B:tVS beginning to air in the US. I didn't start watching anywhere near the beginning, but this is still exciting news. Happy anniversary, fandom.
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[Cameron, Ann/Paula, Caleb, Mac, Joss, tWW support staff (spoiler-free, Elizabeth), River.]

these were a lot of fun )

And one for me:
Five elements that would be present in My Ideal TV Show:
1. Written by Joss.
2. Featuring Allison Janney.
3. About gifted teenagers.
4. Set in an apocalyptic future, or possibly in space (OR BOTH).
5. People are very good at their jobs, except when they become too emotionally invested, and then people die.

I'd love to hear your answers to that last one! (For your own ideal TV shows. Obviously. ALthough if you wanted to point out something obvious I've missed for mine, that would be okay too.)

And with that, I'm off! See you on Thursday! (NGIP)
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I probably shouldn't. BUT.

Would anyone like to roleplay letter-style Ann/Paula with me? Email or airmail, and I'd be willing to play either character.

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EDITED to satisfy the whims of the flist with their crazy anal definitions of "word." :p

Guess who's going to be on vacation next week and I won't see for over a week and left at four this afternoon with a hurried goodbye and no hug? THAT'S RIGHT.

To take my mind off things, some BSC stuff:

#43: Stacey's Emergency. One of those good book/no squee things.
cut for me identifying way too much with thirteen-year-old baby-sitters )

#44: Dawn and the Big Sleepover. I have *nothing* to say about this book. It wasn't bad, it just... nothing to say.

#45: Kristy and the Baby Parade. This book totally wins the award for the most bizarre structure ever.
srsly (with incest) )

#46: Mary Anne Is Straight For Logan. Srsly. I had forgotten how quickly after the break-up they got back together. In my head there were twenty, thirty books of single, independent Mary Ann-ness. Apparently I was delusional. *sighs hard* So I'm going to talk about things I did like in this book: The RPFS shout-out, the Kormans, Mary Anne/Cokie, and some genuinely funny bits.
het pastede back on unyay! )

With so much awesomeness in this book, WHO CAN FOCUS ON THE HET? Not me, that's for sure.

Finally, I'm reading Super Special #6, New York, New York! Notable things so far: Dawn has a crush on a guy. She says this guy reminds her of Mary Anne. WHAT CAN I SAY? Canon OTP, baby.
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[Books 36+37 are not part of my collection, so I miss getting to find out how Jessi reacts to Aunt Cecilia living in her house and whether Dawn's setting herself up for disaster by dating an older boy. HOW CAN I LIVE WITH THIS?]

So, right now in the middle of Kristy Is Straight (For Serious!), which is causing me to break out in hives, because am allergic to het. And yes, Ann actually wrote Kristy's Mystery Admirer, so I can't blame the het entirely on the ghosts. Nor can I blame the incredible gayness of Stacey and the Mystery of Stoneybrook on Ann; it was ghosted.

Without further ado... BSC#35, Stacey and the Mystery of Why Charlotte Is In Her Bed All The Time
also, haunted houses )

Have now finished Kristy is Straight For Bart, Really I Swear.

spoilers )

Separating the above senseless squee from a more serious note; it's from early in the book and I want to discuss, so not cutting it.

[Kristy's just gotten the first of the letters from her secret admirer and is discussing it with Shannon, who thinks the letters are from Kristy's UST partner, Bart.]

"But you just said I have a mystery admirer. Why are you so excited if you think you know who the mystery admirer is?"

Because. It's still romantic."

"Okay. Then why are there hearts and flowers all over the envelope? Stacey McGill is the only person I know who dots 'I's' with hearts. Boys don't do that. This looks like it's from a girl."

"A girl who wants to go steady with you? Kristy, grow up. Bart just wanted to make the envelope look nice."

I... I am really, really skeeved by this, flist! Especially since Ann wrote this book. Especially since this book hettifies Kristy in other ways. The book was published in 1990. So much has changed, and has changed in the kidlit world, but this still makes me a little queasy.

The subtext I'm reading? "Girls, girlcrushes are immature! When you grow up, you'll have a crush on a boy just like Bart, okay! A girl would never want to go steady with you, babydyke, so better snap out of that phase, okay, because ain't never gonna happen. Mary Anne's with Logan now. That's just the way things have to be."

This makes me very sad.

As sad as Tammy Metzler in my icon. As sad as Kristy, watching through her window as Mary Anne and Dawn cuddle. As sad as Mac, realizing Veronica's not so very much gay at all.


rpfs spec )
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I did read Is Claudia Kishi Adopted Or What? but have nothing to say but SQUEE. Love Claud, love Emily Michelle, love the Kishis, love Janine, love Mimi, LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH. <3

I just read Mary Anne and Too Many Boys.

for spoilers and daftness. )

And finally! I noticed that three of the first four ghostwritten books have heterosexual plotlines. (Mary Anne and Too Many Boys, Kristy's Secret Admirer, and Dawn's Big Date.) Coincidence? Or do the ghostwriters chase all the gay away from the yard? Is Ann M. Martin gay or what?

This concludes your nightly edition of Ari Is Twelve Years Old
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"A foreign dignitary's daughter named Gozzie Kunku living in Stoneybrook! How could I have been so naive?" - book 30, Mary Ann and the Great Romance.

[what follows is chipper, rambly, girlslashy, and vaguely spoilery for books 29-31. There's also a paragraph of RPFS speculation and one homophobic slur.]

i love the bsc )

A haunted house. A century-old mystery to solve. It was all too much! - #29, Mallory and the Mystery Diary. Oh, how I love these books!

ETA: Almost forgot to mention that [livejournal.com profile] velvetandlace wrote me Mary Anne fic of awesomeness. It's only as girlslashy as the canon, okay! *g*
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Title: "Go-Round"
Fandoms: BSC real-person femslash (BSCRPFS, for future reference) x Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
Pairing: Ann M. Martin/Elaine Fairchild
Rating: PG
Notes: Remember, you promised!
Spoilers/Timeline: The late eighties. No spoilers for anything that I can recall.
Disclaimer: This is completely totally made up and fictional as far as Ann M. Martin goes. It's also completely made-up and fictional as far as the parts I stole from Fred Rogers
Summary: On the tip of the Cape, nothing's quite as safe as it seems.
Words: 1104
when the trolley stops )
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Hey everyone! Guess what I'm still thinking about? Latest New Daft Obsession, hurrah! (As long-time readers know and everyone will realize soon enough, I tend to go through phases of obsession. Give my brain something new and shiny to stare at, and I'll talk of nothing else till the next new shiny thing comes along. I rediscover old shinies all the time, so the West Wing, Sports Night, Buffyverse, Firefly, VMars and SG-squee will be back... eventually.)
cut for navel-gazing and RPFS )

Now: cake, ice cream, Sports Night (I'm about to start S2!) then gleee!, shower, and bed....
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No sleep tonight! Googled instead, as [livejournal.com profile] viciouswishes told me she has it on good authority Ann is gay. Googling got me nowhere but back to TWoP and related discussions. One LJer's college professor, who apparently knew Ann slightly, apparently mentioned gayness in class, but I'm still hearing hearsay.

If I've learned anything, it's that Ann's not out publically - googling really does get me exactly nowhere more concrete. This makes sense, as Ann's audience is the pre-teen crowd and she started writing (and got unexpectedly famous) in the '80s. I do suspect, if she is gay, that she's not closeted per se so much as plays it close to the chest - a function perhaps more of her personality than anything? (Based on the Ari=Mary Anne=Ann equation). Her social agenda lies elsewhere, and that's okay.

But I'm still fascinated and I would tell you why if I could articulate it, but I think it comes down to the [livejournal.com profile] hermionesviolin quote I have in my userinfo: "i like people better when they're queer."

But now I'm back to speculating on Smith grads who live in upstate New York with their many cats. Oh yes.
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Am still poking at Ann M. Martin's website, and had not realized she was a Smithie! Also hadn't really realized that she wasn't married. Which two facts aren't together leading me to the - no, really, I'm not thinking it. I'm not.

The Secret To Contentment, According to Jay Adams: Meet a girl.

The Secret To Contentment, According to Ducky McCrae: Worry about how you look in the morning, because even though you can't bring yourself to wear boring conservative clothes, you don't want to risk setting off the Cro Mags. And make sure you don't bounce too much as you're walking into school, because Marco the Cro Mag will say you're FLITTING, which makes everyone laugh. If you survive THAT, you're off to a good start, and IF YOU'RE LUCKY you'll have a few laughs with your 13-year-old friends, the only ones who seem to appreciate you, and when you go home, yoiu'll find that your brother has not left the milk out of the fridge all day and has actually bought a few groceries and maybe run a load of laundry with some of your stuff in it. THAT'S contentment. And that's pathetic.

*happy sigh*

Another thing I didn't know till flipping through the site was that Paula Dangzinger died in 2004. *is sad, for loved Danzinger* The Cat Ate My Gymsuit pretty much helped me survived middle school.

Random: Apparently the BSC books (some of them) will be republished as comic books. OMGWTF artists' renditions! (With femslash, oh my!)

I totally get the feeling from her site/public interviews (and wow, trying to glean the truth from those is wicked harder than reading Joss interviews because she's talking to her intended audience which, oddly enough, is considerably younger than I am) that she's grown past the BSC, and she rarely mentions the CA Diaries at all. This makes me woeful.

And now I've landed on TWoP, which is a sure sign that it's time to go to bed.

ETA: TWoP says she's gay. Can TWoP be wrong? Answer: well, durr! But still![/eta]


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