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Media consumed on my summer vacation (and several days following).

I'm having trouble making words, so these aren't full write-ups or analyses by any means. But. Words on paper.

Media consumed on my summer vacation (and the next couple of days)

1. I reread What Was She Thinking? aka Notes on a Scandal by ZoĆ« Heller. 100% of my feels about this book are summed up with "DO ME BARBARA." My response to the movie, lo these many years ago, was much the same. When I watched it with my ex (no, other ex), she tried to explain to me that Judi Dench's character is a sociopath, but I was like, no, if the younger woman (sic) were REALLY INTO IT then it would be lovely and Barbara would be sane. So there and ♥__♥

So. Barbara Covett. I want her to devour me.

2. I reread Matilda by Roald Dahl. Is it bad that I have way many more thoughts about this than the above? Cos I do. And while I have difficulty seeing anything bad in Barbara Covett, I have way more complicated feelings about Miss Honey.

[cut for being vaguely spoilery and for talking about abuse.]

matilda )

3. Elizabeth and I saw Joss Whedon's What I Did on My Summer Vacation Much Ado About Nothing. Unsurprisingly, I have more feelings about Joss&family than about the show itself, although it was quite entertaining. Like how Joss has apparently moved on from his obsession with Summer Glau's feet, and opened with a shot of Alexis Denisof's feet.

4. I borrowed War for the Oaks by Emma Bull from Elizabeth. It was entertaining; sanctioned OTP is lovely, but alas there are no malicious/broken/lovely/brilliant female teachers so it would have had to be pretty amazing to compensate for that deficiency.

5. I borrowed a few comic collections from the library. First Ultimate Fantastic Four, hardback collection #4, which collects the strips from God War and Devils and an X-Men crossover. I was hoping to add Fantastic Four to the collection of Marvel characters I know enough to occasionally read fic or comics about, but I accidentally cared more about the secondary characters than the Four in pretty much every arc, so. That's not gonna work out.

6. Then I read Invincible Iron Man trade 2, World's Most Wanted part 1. I had SO MANY FEELS. And then I discovered that my library catalogues these really poorly, so there are 35 items indexed as "V. 2. World's most wanted, bk. 1 -- v. 6. Stark resilient -" including the one I have, so I don't know if they're all actually World's Most Wanted volume 1 or what. Hands. I really want to read more of this. (Tony and Pepper were really added to my collection after seeing Avengers, but this added Maria Hill, so, success.)
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Yuletide is a wee bit broken. BUT. I managed to find my fic!

It is Three Christmases With Miss Honey, Matilda + Miss Honey, G, and it is SO SO SO YUMMY. YUMMY LIKE CAKE.

And my Secret Yuletide Author promises there's a longer fic after Yuletide! Hooray!

Gah, it's... Matilda, and Miss Honey, and family-of-choice, and the voices are just right and I just want to curl up in it. Sweet and perfect and just what I asked for and there's more to come. D'awwww.

I will leave a comment later, but right now the archive is under a lot of strain (no, rly?) so hopefully if my Yuletide author is still awake, ze'll see this thank you note. :) And those of you interested in Matilda and Miss Honey cuddling in a gen way can go read it when the archive is a little less broken.
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Dear Yuletide author,

Thank you so much for signing up to write in one of my fandoms! I hope you will enjoy rereading, rewatching, or relistening to one of these sources, or that you'll discover something you'd never heard of that you love! I'm so happy that you'll be writing for me!

Pinch hitters and Yuletide Madness fairies, thanks for stopping by! :)
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Happy Yuletide!

Ari (that is the name you'll find me under on the participant list)
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Title: "Warmth Out of the Cold"
Fandom: Matilda bookverse.
Pairing: Matilda Wormwood/Jennifer Honey
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers/Timeline: Post-book.
Warnings: Twee incest(ish) fluff. Serious cross-gen. No ages given, and I'm not telling you how old they were in my head.
Disclaimer: Roald Dahl created them, I just abuse them.
Notes: Yuletide Treat for [livejournal.com profile] thatfangirl in [livejournal.com profile] yuletide 2008. Originally posted here. Title is from "The Christians and the Pagans" by Dar Williams.
Summary: You're always learning something new.
Wordcount: 189.

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Apparently JKR thinks Dumbledore was gay. I... this makes me very pleased, you guys. In my gut kind of pleased. (It's not about the canon -- if it's not in the text, it's not my canon -- it's about the affirmation.)

In the meantime -- while I try to settle down from this unexpected good news -- [livejournal.com profile] fuschia asked about these seven icons:

I would reciprocate, but do you know how frustrating this meme is on dialup? )


Feb. 22nd, 2006 10:49 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] alixtii promises he'll write me dirtywrong Matilda fic if I transcribe the ending voiceover for him. Movie spoilers, obviously.

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It's my weekend! Coming up: various filtered content, and a new plotbunny. Anyone interested in being on my writing filter (for discussing original/profic -- it's called the NaNo filter but won't neccessarily always be timed writing challenges) is welcome; just let me know.
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By the end of the lesson, only Hermione Granger had made any difference to her match; Professor McGonagall showed the class how it had gone all silver and pointy and gave Hermione a rare smile. - HPSS/PS page something or other.


Not really unrelatedly, in Matilda the movie, I really think Miss Honey/Matilda reads more as, well, Miss Honey slash Matilda than as a mother-daughter thing. Here's why:
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