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Media consumed on my summer vacation (and several days following).

I'm having trouble making words, so these aren't full write-ups or analyses by any means. But. Words on paper.

Media consumed on my summer vacation (and the next couple of days)

1. I reread What Was She Thinking? aka Notes on a Scandal by ZoĆ« Heller. 100% of my feels about this book are summed up with "DO ME BARBARA." My response to the movie, lo these many years ago, was much the same. When I watched it with my ex (no, other ex), she tried to explain to me that Judi Dench's character is a sociopath, but I was like, no, if the younger woman (sic) were REALLY INTO IT then it would be lovely and Barbara would be sane. So there and ♥__♥

So. Barbara Covett. I want her to devour me.

2. I reread Matilda by Roald Dahl. Is it bad that I have way many more thoughts about this than the above? Cos I do. And while I have difficulty seeing anything bad in Barbara Covett, I have way more complicated feelings about Miss Honey.

[cut for being vaguely spoilery and for talking about abuse.]

matilda )

3. Elizabeth and I saw Joss Whedon's What I Did on My Summer Vacation Much Ado About Nothing. Unsurprisingly, I have more feelings about Joss&family than about the show itself, although it was quite entertaining. Like how Joss has apparently moved on from his obsession with Summer Glau's feet, and opened with a shot of Alexis Denisof's feet.

4. I borrowed War for the Oaks by Emma Bull from Elizabeth. It was entertaining; sanctioned OTP is lovely, but alas there are no malicious/broken/lovely/brilliant female teachers so it would have had to be pretty amazing to compensate for that deficiency.

5. I borrowed a few comic collections from the library. First Ultimate Fantastic Four, hardback collection #4, which collects the strips from God War and Devils and an X-Men crossover. I was hoping to add Fantastic Four to the collection of Marvel characters I know enough to occasionally read fic or comics about, but I accidentally cared more about the secondary characters than the Four in pretty much every arc, so. That's not gonna work out.

6. Then I read Invincible Iron Man trade 2, World's Most Wanted part 1. I had SO MANY FEELS. And then I discovered that my library catalogues these really poorly, so there are 35 items indexed as "V. 2. World's most wanted, bk. 1 -- v. 6. Stark resilient -" including the one I have, so I don't know if they're all actually World's Most Wanted volume 1 or what. Hands. I really want to read more of this. (Tony and Pepper were really added to my collection after seeing Avengers, but this added Maria Hill, so, success.)
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As I'm sure you've heard by now, Joss and his harem got together and made a Shakespearean movie in his spare time.

I don't have words for how much I love my big incestuous cast 'n' crew.

Here're some interviews with Joss, Sean, and Amy.

I was wondering where the "Whedonverse alums react to Sean coming out" fic was. Apparently they decided to write it themselves.

(Whatever, I'm tagging it Joss/Alexis because it is in my head. Love letter to the cast, indeed.)
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Ten fictional characters I'd have sex with in a heartbeat if they weren't, you know, fictional:
further proof that I am fictionally bisexual )
Never Have I Ever
drinking games, ahoy! )
And "if you call me" meme
I'm not sure I understand the point of this meme... )

Saw Much Ado About Nothing at the Blackfriars today. I'm a shipper at heart (in case you didn't know.) Benedick/Beatrice makes me squee like a fangirl. I need to get tickets to King Lear as well. See Ari do schoolwork! See Ari stop twitching randomly because she's so lazy! See Ari spend $30 on tickets!

I also finally told person living in room that [livejournal.com profile] gvambat is coming to visit in two weeks. She wasn't very happy about it, and she kept asking me more questions and seemed kinda confused, but she said it would be fine. *breathes again*

Jesus lives again!
Earth can breathe again!
Spead the word around!
Loaves abound!

[edited to make it clear that sometimes a cigar is not an appositive, 2004-03-14 9:59 pm]
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Have been off computer mostly as am afraid is about to blow up boom, very bad.

Instances of murderous rage over mundane annoyances: far too many. I just need a good, long vacation.

I need to find someone to drive me to Walmart, tomorrow, maybe.

The dean of student life wants to meet with me for reasons which escape me.

King Lear is long and confusing and everyone is either insane or pretending to be, which definitely doesn't help in comprehension. Edmund/Edward is my OTP. Sibcest is the new puce.

Eight days until spring break.

Sci-fi guest stars for yesterday and today:
Sean Bean, plays Vronsky in the 1997 version of Anna Karenina, which we had to watch for existentialism. What else he plays, I leave as an exercise for the reader.
Raoul Ganeev. Father Kasporev in "Red Ice" and Lt. Colonel Ivanov in "Metamorphosis"


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