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Finished Abhorsen. Cried at the bit at the end that I always cry at.

Read Dervish is Digital by Pat Cadigan. I found it disappointing. I was hoping that there would be a payoff in the form of a denouement, but not so much. :/

Reading Six Suspects by Vikas Swarup. I quite like it, but I have to turn my disability politics off. DID does not work that way.

ETA: Oh, and I also read How to Disappear Completely: On Modern Anorexia by Kelsey Osgood.


I have finally resumed watching Once Upon a Time. I'm still pausing in the middle of episodes because my attention isn't fully engaged, but I'm making progress! I still don't understand exactly what I like about this show? I guess, as aforementioned, tropey goodness. But I can't name favorite characters or 'ships or anything, and that is extremely unlike me.

Maybe it's cos my favorite relationships are all familial relationships that I don't want 'cest for?


Colored another mandala


And merry Christmas. And if the sun is still up where you are, happy Hanukkah. And happy Wednesday and/or Thursday.
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I'm playing Marvel Puzzle Quest, which is Bejeweled with Marvel heroes, because it was nominated for Yuletide. It is, as is the nature of Bejeweled, incredibly addictive. I should probably see if the computer can endure playing it and podcasts at the same time, so I'm not completely wasting my time.

There isn't a lot of narrative, but the dialogue is witty and I've laughed a bunch of times.


I read I and II Samuel for Sunday school. [personal profile] vass, I think I've changed my mind and wanna cliff David, so I suppose shag Saul?

As happened when I skimmed I Samuel for that conversation with Vass, I have lots of Saul feels.

The Inclusive Bible puts an intentional David/Jonathan slant on the story, because Inclusive Bible.

Other reading:
I finished The Family Trade, by Charles Stross. Not going to read more of the series, even though the book ends -- not on a cliffhanger, but also not at a particularly satisfying ending place.

I read The Writing Class by Jincy Willett in one long sitting and enjoyed it very much. Possibly what Tiggers are in the mood for is mystery, not sf?

Nevertheless, I'm working on the 22nd Year's Best Science Fiction ed. Gardner Dozois. Like the last volume of this anthology I read, this is fairly entertaining. I really liked the first story, "Inappropriate Behavior" by Pat Murphy.

Some more of OuAT. I most recently watched 2x13, "Tiny," and predictably cried. This show this show this shooooooow

Listened to an inning and a half of the Royals game last night. I really, really want to care about the Royals (because Kansas City is my home), but apparently I just don't. :/
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TV: Once Upon a Time

(So, Netflix is a thing, and I have access to S2 of OuAT)

Good grief.

I cried three or four times during 2x03 "Lady of the Lake."

I suppose theoretically this show could push my buttons harder, but I don't really know how.

Perhaps if more of the characters had complicated parent-child stuff going on.

[several more episodes into the season] -- okay then.

I was legit not expecting to have Regina feels but lo, here are my Regina feels.

I keep thinking, "Gosh this show is not very good," through tears and then -- you know what, fuckit, show is enjoyable on many levels to me, and that makes it good even if it is tropediculous. (and just when I think this show can't get any more tropediculous, zombies arise.)

okay, so, more specific thoughts:
[spoilers through 2x09 "Queen of Hearts." Would appreciate no spoilers past then.]
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Bunch of random reading. I skimmed stuff for Sunday school; I'm trying to read I and II Samuel for this week.

I borrowed a new batch of books from the library and am reading The Family Trade, by Charles Stross, the first book in the Merchant Princes series. It's entertaining and reads fast?

I dithered with some other books -- the random romance I had started reading, some other stuff I have out from the library -- I'm having a hard time committing.


I'm at an obnoxious point in Rogue Soul where I've accomplished basically all the accomplishments -- actually, I think I have accomplished all of them but "finish the game" but some of them keep getting erased -- so there aren't any more short term goals left.

I played a couple of hands of Free Cell.
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Done rereading It Girl and currently reading the last of the Gossip Girl novels, I Will Always Love You.

Coupla thoughts:
spoilers )

Next: since this is finally the end of this universe, I'm going to switch gears entirely and read Neal Stephenson's Reamde next.

Finished S1 of Once Upon a Time and just barely managed to convince myself that I didn't need to buy S2 immediately; I can totally wait till my hold comes in.

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Next: (Re)watch of the seasons of Gossip Girl that I own.

video games:
Dragon Age: Origins: the Princess Denne adventures (Denne is my dwarf noble origin playthrough.) I finally figured out how to make the downloadable content work, so I'm using that to space out the quests that I've already played through at least twice. I just wrapped up The Heart of the Beast and now we are in Denerim.
no super major plot spoilers, but probably completely uninteresting to people who haven't played )

Next in general: I think when I finish this playthrough I will play through the Darkspawn Chronicles.
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(I am done with work for the season, so consuming All The Media)

It Girl series reread. Up to Unforgettable.

+I watched Orphan Black (thus far). It was enjoyable and also Siobhan is the actual prettiest. Reminds me very much of Dark Angel, only with competent actors.
+I am watching S1 of Once Upon a Time. It is possibly actually the most ridiculous thing ever. I don't know if I'd say I love it, but I can see how a person could love it. And I am kinda shipping Mary Margaret/Emma, because actual worst. (Also usual inability to distinguish white boys has apparently extended to white girls, and it took me three episodes to realize that Snow White wasn't played by Jennifer Morrison.) Orphan Black is probably a better show by any conceivable measures -- better acting, better plotting, way better sfx -- but OUAT is all tropey and ridiculous, so yeah.

More OUAT, more It Girl.


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