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approximately 9000 rounds of Spider Solitaire (not actually 9000. But a lot.)

+As aforeblogged, I finished the last Gossip Girl book with much squealing.
+I read Reamde by Neal Stephenson in basically one giant gulp, taking breaks only to sleep. I enjoyed it very much. There was too much action and too little gaming, but I enjoyed the gleefully absurd plot, and the fact that the protagonist was female, and I'm planning not to think too hard about anything else.
+Then I poked around a bunch. I read part of Zodiac also by Stephenson, but I don't know where I laid my copy down.
+I reread Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry because see below, movies. I had completely misremembered the ending. Huh.
+Currently halfheartedly rereading Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, because YA dystopia.

Next: Unsure. I will probably continue to reread the Uglies series until I figure it out. Really ought to get back to the library to return S1 of OUAT and Reamde and find something else I want to read.

Rewatched a few episodes of Gossip Girl. My DVDs are borked, which makes watching sort of problematic, and I got sidetracked by other projects.

Next: Twice accidentally typed "read" instead of "watch." Will try to read WATCH more of Gossip Girl, but clearly my motivation is not strong.

Saw The Giver IN A REAL THEATRE with my roommates. That is TWO WHOLE MOVIES I have seen in the theatre this year. The filmmakers made lots of questionable choices, but I still teared up a lot and it was a generally positive experience. Even the cranky The Book Was Better ranting is pleasurable in its way. (Of all the pleasures of life, I think I enjoy nit-picking the most!") Also lots of feels related to having read the book as a Twelve.

Next: I might at some point see another movie in a theatre, but I don't really have a timeframe for this.

Last night it occurred to me to turn on Spotify to find worship music to cheer me up, so I listened to a bunch of miscellaneous things, then a bunch of Marty Haugen, and now I have queued basically all of Gather, the Roman Catholic hymnal. (I did skip many of the Christmas hymns. Listened to some of them, but am really okay with not being in the mood for Christmas music.)

Next: Another 1800 pieces of liturgical music.
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endgame spoilers )

ten year reunion sequel pls? (Except I know that a canonical sequel would probably not have an explicitly femslash ending, alas.)
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Done rereading It Girl and currently reading the last of the Gossip Girl novels, I Will Always Love You.

Coupla thoughts:
spoilers )

Next: since this is finally the end of this universe, I'm going to switch gears entirely and read Neal Stephenson's Reamde next.

Finished S1 of Once Upon a Time and just barely managed to convince myself that I didn't need to buy S2 immediately; I can totally wait till my hold comes in.

Read more... )

Next: (Re)watch of the seasons of Gossip Girl that I own.

video games:
Dragon Age: Origins: the Princess Denne adventures (Denne is my dwarf noble origin playthrough.) I finally figured out how to make the downloadable content work, so I'm using that to space out the quests that I've already played through at least twice. I just wrapped up The Heart of the Beast and now we are in Denerim.
no super major plot spoilers, but probably completely uninteresting to people who haven't played )

Next in general: I think when I finish this playthrough I will play through the Darkspawn Chronicles.
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(I am done with work for the season, so consuming All The Media)

It Girl series reread. Up to Unforgettable.

+I watched Orphan Black (thus far). It was enjoyable and also Siobhan is the actual prettiest. Reminds me very much of Dark Angel, only with competent actors.
+I am watching S1 of Once Upon a Time. It is possibly actually the most ridiculous thing ever. I don't know if I'd say I love it, but I can see how a person could love it. And I am kinda shipping Mary Margaret/Emma, because actual worst. (Also usual inability to distinguish white boys has apparently extended to white girls, and it took me three episodes to realize that Snow White wasn't played by Jennifer Morrison.) Orphan Black is probably a better show by any conceivable measures -- better acting, better plotting, way better sfx -- but OUAT is all tropey and ridiculous, so yeah.

More OUAT, more It Girl.
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I'm not ignoring your comments re: tarot. I have no engage right now. Hopefully I will emerge soon and be able to talk to people again.

Now back to Gossip Girl reread.


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