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Finished making the caramel apple blondie cheesecake I was working on last week. It was delicious; I ate the last slice for breakfast today (like a grownup.)

Made peach pie, currently cooling.

Regular Thursday worship reminder email.

Conducted straw poll and counted votes at congregational meeting Sunday.

Had lots of ideas for writing and vidding, none of which I implemented.
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Assembled bookcase from Target

Pizza (Crust=Now or Later Pizza, makes two crusts, topped one with sauce and cheese and pepperoni and cheese and pepperoni, the other one will be baked when I'm done with this one.)

Bagels (plain). I am getting better at shaping them.

Ambitions: still pecan pie, gingerbread plus (=gingerbread cake with ginger syrup, which I intend to make from the ginger root I bought the other week), cheesecake with ginger syrup in. I am going to a party on Saturday night and refreshments on Sunday are potluck, and my birthday is on Monday, so variations on the theme of "birthday cake."

The other pizza (which is easy, because just needs topped and baked).

Created worship schedule with only two fuckups. :/ (All got worked out but still).
Thursday email.
Started drafting November worship team agenda.
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1. The cat is curled up in my lap (which does mean I am typing one-handed, but so precious).
2. Perfume package arrived! At some point I will make a bpal post.
3. Moved cat so I can have both hands, still have a cat nuzzlng my face.
4. FB added more gender options!
5. I have fresh-as-of-last-night bread for my sandwich for work, and am in the middle of making gingerbread, and I will make other things tonight.
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(I'm gonna go ahead and invent prompts for the many days that no one requested.)

So tonight when I came home from work I baked! I was sick for literally all of December and only made one batch of emergency gingerbread, but I am better now, and was feeling really stressed out, so baking as self-care. I made three of the things I love to make best:

1) Gingerbread
2) Whole wheat bread
3) Something I'd never made before :)

1) Two years ago, in fall-winter of 2011 (a miserable time emotionally) the bookstore with its Starbucks smelled constantly of gingerbread, and I kept thinking I wanted some, and then that I could probably make it for cheaper than I could buy it at Starbucks, and ultimately I went ahead and bought molasses and ginger and a cookie cutter and a bunch of other things and before I knew it I was baking ALL THE THINGS. But it started with gingerbread, and ginger and molasses are two of my favorite ingredients (even though molasses is proverbially slow). I have a jar of good quality ginger, although I think I bought it in that two-years-ago baking spree and so it's probably not quite so good as it once was. It still smells delicious, though. Like ginger.

I made gingerbread people. The first batch I made this winter was for Sunday school -- they were genderbread people -- and they were so good that I needed to make another batch. I got sick, though, and ended up freezing most of the dough. I baked it tonight, though. The gender/gingerbread people aren't beautiful, but they are delicious. Kimmy said they tasted extra good, probably because it's been so long. :)

2) I finally went ahead and made my first yeast bread for Thanksgiving this year. I made a super simple recipe out of King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion (which is my primary recipe source) that I simplify even further so it's just: water, whole wheat flour, molasses, olive oil, salt, yeast. It's also DELICIOUS. And satisfying. Kneading is a special joy.

3) NEW RECIPE! I got a Pinterest account to browse and pin recipes, which is where I found Eggnog Cinnamon Rolls after bringing home an after-Christmas-Day-discounted jug of eggnog and trying to figure out what to do with it. These were lots of fun to make, although my inability to spatial relationship made rolling and cutting them into roll shape/size difficult, but then heat and yeast did their magic and the rolls expanded gloriously to fill the whole pan, and then I drowned them in the eggnog glaze and it was beautiful. And eggnogy. Roommate Ryan made orgasmic sounds as he ate one, so I declare these a success too.


Baking gives me so much joy. I love raw ingredients -- the way they smell, the way they look, the way they combine to make magical delicious food -- I love the different kinds of tactile sensations involved -- and I love making things that other people will enjoy.

\o/ baking!
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So I baked -- banana bread and corn muffins -- and watched SGA (S1 through "Childhood's End").

The thing about SGA is, I think I will never think of it as my show, in that tolerant, adoring, "oh show, how so ridiculous" way that I feel, e.g., about BtVS or SG-1. Gvambat never really got into SGA, which started airing at a time when my fannish experience was very much a shared-with-girlfriend experience, and I have still not seen past the middle of S2 (for some reason my rewatches always cease right around "The Eye," perhaps because I know that nothing can possibly be more amazing).

So, as you know, Amy-and-or-Bob*, my SGA OTP is McKay/Weir. I am sometimes a little afraid when rewatching that I'll discover there was less of the delicious McKay/Weir stuff that I love than I remembered, but so far this has not turned out to be the case. (Of course, a lot of what this pairing consists of in my head is "oh, Rodney's totally getting spanked tonight," so.) So that's delightful, getting to bounce up and down as I rediscover how much I love them.

*you probably know what "As you know, Bob" means (and if you don't, have an innocent link to an explanation! [warning: tv tropes. I lied about the innocent]). "As you know, Amy" is the female equivalent. I suppose "As you know, Pat," is the gender-neutral equivalent?

The other delightful thing is this thing we call communion. I had a prof in grad school who explained the communion that we experience as Christians as being kind of like this: I see a thing in a store that I have no interest in personally, but I know that my bff would love it, so I see it through her eyes and love it because of the communion we share.

That's what fandom is like for me. It's watching SGA and part of me hates Sparky, because it plays with a lot of tropes that squick me, but the biggest part of me is experiencing with [livejournal.com profile] mylittleredgirl et al and while I don't actually ship Sheppard/Weir and never will I... see it and am happy because of the communion that I share with people who do. Or noticing the Teyla/Bates and thinking of [livejournal.com profile] scrollgirl, and it's more than thinking, "Oh, Scroll would (does) like this," it's thinking, "I like this because of the relationships I share with people who like this."

Communion, it's pretty awesome, guys.

(The distance to McKay/Sheppard is a bit further. I'm not sure I even remember why so bitter and resentful about it; I've grown more fannishly tolerant in the many intervening years, but the bitterness is still there. Fandom is not a zero-sum game, but sometimes it feels like that, I guess.)
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Oh thank goodness. My roommate has access to internet once again. The world is a much more amusing place now. I'm still trying to figure out what sort of birthday fic to write for her... sweet and cuddly, funny and wrong, or angsty and depressing. I'm guessing the latter is probably a very BAD idea for a birthday fic... maybe I'll write two. My fics tend to be short.

My sister and I made lemon squares today.


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