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1. Does anyone know if there's a [livejournal.com profile] 50bookchallenge community centered around the 50 states? I.e., for every state, read one book set in that state by an author from that state? Or maybe one focused around the EU states, or the UN states? Because that would be cool.

2. First seen via [livejournal.com profile] astrogirl2:
The rules:
Take a picture of yourself right now.
Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture.
Post that picture with NO editing.
Post these instructions with your picture

It's been an hour or so since I saw the meme, but I promise I haven't primped in any way. Mebbe combed my hair a wee.

Quality of webcam is crap. (And too lazy to get out digicam, set up shot, try not to take shot of chin only, connect to computer, etc. Webcam much easier, even if grainier) Acne is woe. But is self, see?

Is much prettier picture of self, touchpadding it up. Also more accurate, as you can see that I am attached to the computer at all times by invisible magnets.

3. I'm not really fond of quoting shows out of context. Makes me less gleeful when the quotes pop up in context. But meme says we're meant to quote the Buffyverse so here are some from eps we watched recently:

WESLEY: I am from the Watcher's Academy in southern Hampshire. In fact, I happen to be head boy.

CORDELIA: Gee, I wonder how you earned that nickname.

WESLEY: A lot of effort, I don't mind saying. (Angel 4.06 "Spin the Bottle")


Buffy: I, I don't understand. Was it m-me? Was I not good?

Angel: You were great. Really. I thought you were a pro. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer 2.14 "Innocence")

(Thx to Buffyworld and Buffy vs. Angel for transcripts.)


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