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Ari (creature of dust, child of God) ([personal profile] wisdomeagle) wrote2015-09-09 10:41 pm

Culture created and consumed Wednesday



My roommate Kimmy discovered awhile ago recipes for no-churn ice cream, using whipping cream & sweetened condensed milk, and I had leftover pumpkin from last week's cookies, so I made pumpkin ice cream.

I had bananas that were just at the falling-out-of-skin stage, so I made two loaves of banana bread. There's still a tiny bit left.

I made not-Key lime pie. There is not even a little bit of that left. Housemate suggested I use pâte sucrée instead of regular pie crust next time. (I'm not a fan of any kind of cookie crumb crust, so I just made a standard crust for the lime pie.) Filling was A++ though.

In the middle of making caramel apple Blondie cheesecake. Blondie smells awesome; it and caramel are cooling. I also made fake Cool Whip, since I totally failed to notice at the store that recipe called for it, and definitely not something I normally have in the house. So that's in the fridge.

Worship: regular weekly email, and was lay reader on Sunday.


I am watching Glee, even though I 100% for sure know it starts sucking and *will* break my heart. But meanwhile I'm having feelings.

Also I have a new car. (Old one was totaled in an accident a couple months ago.) She is a white 2012 Nissan Versa, and her name is Vivien.
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I wish I could cope with cheese. That caramel apple blondie cheesecake sounds so good.