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2015-01-29 01:15 am

(belated) culture consumed Wednesday

Perfumes: various BPAL yules.

"Gossips in Ghost Land" = "black cedar, patchouli, tea leaves, spiked with pink peppercorn, mate, and lime rind." This is potent and not ~pretty and I considered washing it off rather than wearing it to work yesterday evening, but it mellowed a little as the evening progressed.

Wore "Spirit Board" tonight. "Redwood and bois de rose with white lilac, dried pink roses, and black tea." Wet on skin I could just smell the lilac, and then it became all rose, all the time, as pretty much all rose does. I like smelling of rose, so it's fine, but perhaps I can concede that I now own enough rose perfumes for the time being.

Games: Puzzle Pirates. Lots. Have been working the daily free crafting puzzles for the past several days.

Books: Finally finished Wintergirls. Tempted to turn around and reread it, but instead decided to try to read Ann M. Martin's Main Street series. (I have never read all the way through, nor even all the way through the first seven books, which is all I own. But they are very soothing.)
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2015-01-07 08:02 pm

culture consumed Wednesday: Long Live the Queen

Lots and lots of Long Live the Queen. This game isn't all that great... [three days of gameplay later] goddamn this stupid game.

I am something like 2/3 of the way through.

I have unlocked 29/39 achievements, 9/11 deaths, and 16/24 epilogues. I suspect I know how to unlock 1 of the 2 remaining deaths, and 1 or maybe 2 of the achievements.

stuff that is not LLtQ

Umm... I've read a little bit of the sf anthology I started last week, and a bit of Jennifer Traig's Well Enough Alone: A Cultural History of My Hypochondria.

I am trying to remember to wear my Yules. I am finding most of them don't have as much longevity as I would like. :/

I wore "Practical Occultism" for Epiphany. Lab description: A Victorian occultist's incense, invoking the Four Archangels: precious wildcrafted Indian frankincense with myrrh, cassia, sandarac, palmarosa, white sage, red sandalwood, elemi, and drops of star anise bound with grains of kyphi. I was worried about the anise, since I'm not a huge fan of it, but it didn't overpower any of the other scents. I wore it for Epiphany because frankincense and myrrh, and because it sounded more opulent than other perfumes I have with those notes. It turned out to be a really good choice and invoked all the Epiphany feels I was hoping for.
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2014-11-12 07:49 pm

culture consumed Wednesday: pumpkins, pirates, perfume, and gender-based violence

ELCA Draft Statement on Gender-Based Violence. It is well-written and I'm pleased with it in various ways, but I'm definitely most personally pleased about the inclusion of non-binary genders (not perfectly and not using the language I would use, but clearly intentionally inclusive.)

I read two Jincy Willett novels: Amy Falls Down, which is a sequel to The Writing Class, and Winner of the National Book Award: A Novel of Fame, Honor, and Really Bad Weather, which it turns out I'd read before, although I didn't remember any details.

I liked both of these books, but neither as much as I liked The Writing Class.

Winner of the National Book Award is full of gender-based violence, helpfully tying this post together thematically.

I read Bridget Jones: Mad about the Boy by Helen Fielding. I... well. That is a choice you could make, Helen Fielding!

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unspoilery: Like the previous two books this is laugh-out-loud funny. Bridget remains adorable and sympathetic. It was enjoyable on all those levels, but not ultimately emotionally satisfying because of reasons under the cut-tag (which, while spoilery, I don't think will spoil one's enjoyment of the book, whose pleasure lies mostly in humor and character voice.)

There are children in the picture, whom I didn't find particularly realistically drawn but who weren't annoying.

It's definitely not porn; it's also definitely more sexually explicit than the previous two books. I once read a review of the film that said something like, "There's a suggestion that Daniel and Bridget indulged in anal sex, something that would never happen in the book." This book doesn't have anal sex, but it would not be out of place.

I miss Shazzer. :(

Content note: there is a fairly substantial plotline involving weight loss/fat/obesity in a way that's different from the previous books and might be more triggery (on the other hand, it's fairly self-contained, and the rest of the book has less yo-yo dieting than the previous books); if it would be helpful to anyone I'd be happy to talk about this in more detail.

There are also other ick things that are common squicks -- there are parts that it would be wise not to read while eating.

It makes me wish that I could write fanfic again because it desperately needs a completely different ending. :(

I started reading cite>Clariel by Garth Nix. This is a major tonal shift from the other books I read this week and I'm finding getting into it slow-going.


I played some Puzzle Pirates while on the phone with Elizabeth the other day.

(Spoilers: I suck at identifying scents.)

I finished the 'weenies:

Pumpkin I
should be: "Pumpkin cream with cardamom, black tea, allspice, and ginger milk."
was: Cake! I probably need to stop acquiring MORE BPAL foodie scents because they all smell indistinguishably of cake to me, but in the meantime, cake!

Pumpkin IV
Should be: "Warm pumpkin with three honeys, oudh, sweet frankincense, and champaca resin."
Was: And yet another cake, with maybe the faaaaintest hint of something darker -- cinnammon? incense? underneath. Yup, definitely need to declare foodie scents from BPAL off-limits. They smell perfectly nice, like a generic sweet baked good, but, e.g., these didn't really smell of pumpkin to me, and I now own enough of them that if I desire this scent I have maybe half a dozen options. Sigh. Really disappointed, because description sounded sooo promising

I got Anne Bonny as a frimp from [community profile] synecdochic_decants.
Should be: "A blend of Indonesian red patchouli, red sandalwood, and frankincense."
Was: Oooh. After ALL THE CAKE this is kind of a relief. Brine? It does have an aquatic sense to it, but maybe like a seaport, a bit of salt and -- cedar? -- I am definitely getting pirate feels from this. I think I might be sensing the same "trickle of blood" that's in Valentine of Rome.


I actually listened to Spotify for awhile this afternoon. All David Haas.
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2014-11-05 09:14 pm

culture consumed Wednesday


I finished The Night She Died and read all of Six Feet Under by Dorothy Simpson. I really like these books; they are British cozies featuring an police detective, and all the mysteries are of the small village/lots of secrets/complicated interpersonal relationships kind, very Agatha Christie (and particularly very Jane Marple; Jane Marple would solve all of these cases in basically a day, but we provide allowances for Detective Inspector Luke Thanet.) They were written in the 1980s and 1990s and are set then, which is really nice and appropriately period, and only occasionally provides confusion of the, "How did people live before Google?" variety. (When reading Christie, it's easy to put myself in that time period, but these are much closer to contemporary so I keep doing doubletakes and thinking, "Can't you just check the internets?")

I also read 1 Kings and a good bit of 2 Kings for Sunday school. I will try to finish 2 Kings, and then read Micah, which is what's next.

In terms of fiction, next up is the set of library books that I am very excited about -- there is apparently a third Bridget Jones book, there are two more books by Jincy Willett, and there is Clariel.

For many years of my life, I looked fruitlessly for Regiment of Women by Clemence Dane. A chapter was anthologized in Chloe Plus Olivia: An Anthology of Lesbian Literature from the Seventeenth Century to the Present ed. Lillian Faderman, and that chapter plus the things mentioned in the preceding biographical blurb were basically tailor-made for my burgeoning kinks. (It is not a happy story and is deeply homophobic, according to the summary, and ends with pastede on het, but!

[behind the cut for trigger warnings, because your kinks are not my kinks. (Probably internalized) homophobia and mention of suicide]

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Anyhow, I fruitlessly searched for many years but couldn't find it, and yesterday I suddenly remembered it -- I saw mention of "queer literary fiction" and it popped into my head -- and lo, there is is on Project Gutenberg. If we have this technology, why don't we have the technology to send it back in time to me-at-fourteen, who really wanted to read it? I suck at reading long things on my computer, and my interest in self-loathing lesbians is substantially less than it used to be, so I suspect I won't actually read it. Which is sad, because teenage!me. (and because I feel like a crossover between this and Discworld's Monstrous Regiment needs to exist.)


My BPAL 'weenie decants from [community profile] synecdochic_decants arrived just in time for me to wear the first four on the correct days. Brief writeups, since heaven knows I won't manage longer ones:
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I usually talk about this on Culture Created Tuesday, since most of the food I eat is created by me, but we went out to eat for my birthday.

We went to Alladin Cafe. I got lentil soup ("Red lentils seasoned with saffron, curry, cumin and lemon") and lamb kabob ("Tender marinated lamb, grilled and served with cucumber yogurt sauce" and with basmati rice and sautéed vegetables). It was all quite delicious.

I also got crème brûlée from Cosentinos, which was, as aforementioned, both disappointing and inspirational.

coloring books

I am not sure where these fall on the consumed/created scale, but Elizabeth gave me a Care Bears coloring and activity book for my birthday, so the first hour of being 29 was a lot like being 5.


I half-heartedly watched the by-play on mlb.com during the last game of the World Series, so I would know whether my pie was celebratory or consoling.


idk, I feel like I don't know where the week went. I mean, frequently I frivol away time, but I usually at least know where it went. I guess I did a bunch of baking, and read a novel and a half, and did a bunch of personal writing, and went out to eat with my roommates, and had a long phone call with my dad last night, and these things add up.
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2014-04-01 02:59 am

[parfum] Les Bijoux by BPAL


Wet: Green stem/leaf rose.

Then just rose. Much rose. Very rose. Aggressively rose. Rose? Rose!

Verdict: 12 hours of faithful rose.

I actually quite liked it. The morph from green stems to pink petals was actually more evolution than I usually notice in perfumes, and it was a faithful companion all evening at work. Really I probably enjoy things where I can identify a single scent more than complex scents that confuse me because I can't identify notes.

Lab description:
Skin musk and honey, blood-red rose, orange blossom, white peach, red apple, frankincense and myrrh.

I was able to get a hint of honey underneath the rose if I smelled very, very carefully. The rest I'm afraid were completely lost.

Perhaps my skin amps rose? Although I can handle simpler rose blends. (I have tested Rose Cross once, to sleep, but will have to wear it again and pay more careful attention, since I think it will be a more complicated experience. And I adore Hymn.

Les Bijoux, though. Rose.
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2014-03-28 02:13 pm

my smells haz arrived!

Great big small box of bpal!

Bottle of Penitence.

12 imps I ordered.
4 frimps.

What to smell FIRST, friends?

Ok, first to sort out the frimps (free imps, which are delightful surprises).

One of them seems to be Blockbuster, which is a Twilight Alchemy Lab scent (the line intended for ritual use):
Used to open up options in your life, overcome obstacles, and create opportunities. This blend increases your potential for success, inspires creativity and quick thinking, and helps you to be more flexible, adaptable and open to change.

Which is fine, although not the ritual scent I would have chosen for myself at this moment in my life.

Also Mage from the RPG series, which I think was on my wishlist, Sheol, and Tamora.

OK THEN. What to smell first?

All right.

Miskatonic University.

misk u )
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2014-03-14 04:09 am

[bpal] Pentitence

I may have purchased 6 months of paid time on dreamwidth so I could upload a perfume icon and start using a perfume tag.

Under the cut, mostly for my records, all the perfumes I have tried to date

pretties! )

My favorite by far of all the things I've smelled is Penitence by BPAL. In some ways because I am a person of simple tastes. Incense is one of my favorite scents because it makes me think of church, and especially of anointing oils. Penitence is described as "a blend of pure, pious frankincense and graceful myrrh," and it does what it says on the tin.

Most of the oils I've tried smell sweet to me. Good sweet, mostly. Some are foody sweet, some are just weird-sweet, and I think my nose interprets "musk" as sweetness, since Neutral is a "pure skin musk" and it smells incredibly and weirdly sweet to me.

Penitence is a little sweet and a lot spicy. It's intense, and distinct, and it was immediately a comfort smell for me. I have taken to wearing it most nights falling asleep -- which is probably the right time for it, since it doesn't last particularly long on my skin (sadness!) but while it lasts it's incredibly joyful and pleasing and comforting and delicious (though not in a foody way -- I don't want to eat my skin; I just want to inhale it.

My first BPAL order was 6 imps (sample vials), including this one, and this is the one I upgraded to a bottle in my second order.