May. 21st, 2014

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I started a new Dragon Age: Origins playthrough. My third playthrough is the city elf origin story, and I played a male character because I wanted to experiment with the shipping options for boys, but I don't particularly like my character at all, so, stalled. So I started a fourth playthrough, the noble dwarf origin story, which seems a lot more promising.

I am especially excited because it is a bonus!surprise!princess story. Denne is the second child of the dwarf king, and while the word "princess" is never used, that is what she is. A violent, impulsive warrior princess (because I really want unlock the warrior achievements -- my elf boy was also a warrior, which was the other reason I didn't love playing him -- I love fighting as a mage, and my beloved dwarf commoner ♥Nat♥ made me love playing as a rogue, but I just... I can't with warriors.

But Denne! She's pretty great. And her brothers frequently refer to her as "sibling" (mostly, one assumes, so they can use the same audio track regardless of the gender of the PC) and so I am aggressively headcanoning her as genderqueer, because genderqueer dwarfs/dwarves are extremely important to me.

We have made it to Ostagar, and we are mostly just waiting to recruit the dog so we can name it Mx Nug, because genderqueer prinesses with genderqueer animal companions are relevant to my interests.

(None of this is exactly the best and most noble use of my free time, but. it is called free time for a reason. It is the time no one is paying me for. /defensive)


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