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Ari (creature of dust, child of God) ([personal profile] wisdomeagle) wrote2015-03-11 03:12 am

culture consumed Wednesday: middle grade

Finished the Ramona books.

Read the following Ann M. Martin books from the library:
+The Runaway Dolls (with Laura Godwin) -- made me want to reread the Borrowers.
+Coming Apart, Main Street #9. I am enjoying the end of this series less than the beginning. :/
+Everything for a Dog, which I actually liked better than A Dog's Life, although it didn't make me cry.
+Ten Rules for Living with My Sister - so much fun.
+Better to Wish and The Long Way Home, the first two books in the Family Tree series -- I loved these immensely.

Until I can acquire more Ann from the library, rereading Harriet the Spy.

(While reading these books, btw, I am skipping over the animal deaths. Human deaths are fine, but animal deaths I can't.)

And various perfumes, and at work have been listening to music on my mp3 player, a randomish collection of upbeat stuff, to keep me awake.