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Completely missed in "culture consumed:" have queued literally thousands of tracks of Christian music -- hymns, liturgical music, etc. -- on Spotify. A big bunch of the Gather hymnal, John Michael Talbot, Taizé, Marty Haugen, David Haas.

I'm consuming this in such a way that I'm not properly appreciating individual pieces -- mostly it is background music -- but it is enjoyable and I think it's overall improving the quality of my life.

Next: 5304 more of the same.
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approximately 9000 rounds of Spider Solitaire (not actually 9000. But a lot.)

+As aforeblogged, I finished the last Gossip Girl book with much squealing.
+I read Reamde by Neal Stephenson in basically one giant gulp, taking breaks only to sleep. I enjoyed it very much. There was too much action and too little gaming, but I enjoyed the gleefully absurd plot, and the fact that the protagonist was female, and I'm planning not to think too hard about anything else.
+Then I poked around a bunch. I read part of Zodiac also by Stephenson, but I don't know where I laid my copy down.
+I reread Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry because see below, movies. I had completely misremembered the ending. Huh.
+Currently halfheartedly rereading Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, because YA dystopia.

Next: Unsure. I will probably continue to reread the Uglies series until I figure it out. Really ought to get back to the library to return S1 of OUAT and Reamde and find something else I want to read.

Rewatched a few episodes of Gossip Girl. My DVDs are borked, which makes watching sort of problematic, and I got sidetracked by other projects.

Next: Twice accidentally typed "read" instead of "watch." Will try to read WATCH more of Gossip Girl, but clearly my motivation is not strong.

Saw The Giver IN A REAL THEATRE with my roommates. That is TWO WHOLE MOVIES I have seen in the theatre this year. The filmmakers made lots of questionable choices, but I still teared up a lot and it was a generally positive experience. Even the cranky The Book Was Better ranting is pleasurable in its way. (Of all the pleasures of life, I think I enjoy nit-picking the most!") Also lots of feels related to having read the book as a Twelve.

Next: I might at some point see another movie in a theatre, but I don't really have a timeframe for this.

Last night it occurred to me to turn on Spotify to find worship music to cheer me up, so I listened to a bunch of miscellaneous things, then a bunch of Marty Haugen, and now I have queued basically all of Gather, the Roman Catholic hymnal. (I did skip many of the Christmas hymns. Listened to some of them, but am really okay with not being in the mood for Christmas music.)

Next: Another 1800 pieces of liturgical music.
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In which "there's a bunch of questions, and you use shuffle play to answer them and lolz ensue. And then your friends do the same thing in their own journals." Via [personal profile] vass.

Only 4 of the answers are Dar Williams songs.

for )

It seemed appropriate to hit "random icon" too, so there you go.
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Cry Cry Cry is a folk trio consisting of Dar Williams, Richard Shindell, and Lucy Kaplansky. Their self-titled album consists of covers of songs by lesser-known artists.

Let's get right to the music, eh?
I Know What Kind of Love This Is by Nerissa Nields. The cover has vocals by Dar and Lucy and Richard on guitar.

I Have Come By Way of Sorrow written by Julie Mille. Lucy on lead vocals; Dar and Richard doing harmonies.

Memphis written by Cliff Eberhardt. Richard doing lead vocals, Dar and Lucy on backup.

So now you know what all three of them sound like and have a taste for Cry. YAY!

My very favorite song on Cry Cry Cry is "The Ballad of Mary Magdalene." On Cry, Dar sings it:
Ballad of Mary Magdalene. Dar cover.

The best thing about the Ballad is that it's written and was originally performed by Richard Shindell. My music is sadly discombobulated at the moment and I can't find you Richard singing "Ballad of Mary Magdalene" but it is the most awesome thing ever.

One of the things I love best about Richard is how totally he can inhabit female personae. If you can listen to this song without crying, you're a better person than I am:
Abeulita, from Richard's album Somewhere Near Paterson.

My Love Will Follow You also makes me want to cry.

Of course, there are constant inter-Cry collaborations. The folk scene is kind of incestuous interconnected.

Frex, there's Lucy singing back-up on Are You Happy Now? (from Sparrow's Point).

Or Richard's cover of Dar's Calling the Moon.

And here's Dar singing Calling the Moon.

Oh, Dar. How do I introduce you to the wonder that is Dar Williams? I'm trying to be unbaised here, because Cry Cry Cry is the greatest trio in existence, but DAR. Okay. Completely random sampling of favorite songs:

Another Mystery (quotable Dar!)
All My Heroes Are Dead (early Dar!)
Southern California Wants to be Western New York (quirky Dar!)
Farewell to the Old Me (new Dar!)
When I Was a Boy (genderbendy Dar!)
Spring Street
The Christians and the Pagans (FAMOUS DAR. Possibly her most well-known song. The first one I heard [beginning an INSTANT LOVE AFFAIR]. So seasonally apropos!)

Okay. I'll restrain myself.

LUCY. <3<3

Oh hey, there are samples on her webpage. You know, for sampling purposes.

Guinevere with Richard on harmonies. (Also, genderbent!Lucy).
Cowboy Singer (more genderbendy!)
This is Home (aaaaaaand my guaranteed tearjerker Lucy song!)

Okay! That's a great start. I know you will love all three artists so much that you'll run out and by ALL THEIR CDs. :D

Dear Yuletide author,
Since this is especially for you... feel free to use these however feels right! Throw them up on a playlist and let them serve as background inspiration. Listen to them once, listen to them a thousand times, write an AU based on one of the songs (not that I'm suggesting "Ballad of Mary Magdalene" or anything), imagine a song is inspired by one of the other members of the Trio, use them as bases for characterization, create characters who are totally unlike the personae they sing as -- anything that sounds good to you! Or write one of my other requests and just enjoy the music!

& found

May. 28th, 2008 04:37 am
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For some reason I find the fact that I didn't used to be in Buffy fandom hilarious. It's like... as if there were a time before I knew I was gay or something.

117. (for guys) Sarah Michelle Gellar or Jennifer Love Hewwit: You mean for LESBIANS. And neither. I don't know what any of these people look like.

Things that will never not make me happy: They have nunneries for people like that. Oh male ministerperson ♥

Also making me giddy, the number of times current music = something to do with Roommate. I love her forever.

And found, by the clever device of finding backup CDs that actually had music on them and weren't totally corrupted! The song I was thinking of (See previous post) is called "Shepherd" and is by Kadie O and the Light.

Now to respond to the rest of my mom's email O_o
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(oh and by the way: hard at work on T.Pierce's circleverse [~50 pp into Magic Steps pls do not spoil] and then I will be out of Tamora Pierce and can maybe do something on LJ other than obsessively track the Advisory Board election)

So re: previous post and wacky world-changing emails, perhaps some of you can help me with this. I know there exists a song (that has been recorded) that has lyrics something like, "The Lord is my shepherd/and he knows I'm gay/He is my shepherd/and it's okay" "I cried, 'why have You made me this way?' and in the dark, I heard a voice say, 'I am Your shepherd; and it's oooooooookay." I think it was written/performed by Marsha Stevens but I could be wrong.

I definitely downloaded it from mp3.com sometime in late 2001/early 2002. (I probably had it by the time I got my LJ O_o)

Google fails me utterly; I'm currently checking the "current music" on... probably every single post I made while I was in college. If I have possibly shared this with someone, or if they remember me talking about it or seeing it in my LJ archives (what I know you stalk them and I know you note the current music!) I would appreciate any assistance you can render in this matter.

ETA: found
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From all over the flist:
1. Go to the Wikipedia home page and click random article. That is your band's name.
2. Click random article again; that is your album name.
3. Click random article 15 more times; those are the tracks on your album.
the life and times of Hueco Mountains, girlband extraordinaire )
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Go to John McCutcheon's MP3 download page.

Scroll down to "Our Flag Was Still There."


There you go. Ari's favorite Patriotic Song. There's this one line namely ) that always gives me the shivers. In a good way.

Happy Independence Day, happy fourth.

Now, Ari is off to work.
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[livejournal.com profile] rogueslayer452 tapped me....

1) Total volume of music files on my computer?
2142 files on WinAmp at the moment, slightly more actually on the computer, as haven't updated playlist after today's downloads.
lookie, random music tidbits )
5) Which 5 people are you passing this baton to, and why?
[livejournal.com profile] gvambat, because I'm curious about what music might mean a lot to her
[livejournal.com profile] sage_theory, because I'm sure she'd like the chance to babble about music she enjoys
[livejournal.com profile] mayhap, because she totally did not illegally share the Decemberists' album with us
[livejournal.com profile] velvetandlace, because she's another Dar fan
[livejournal.com profile] jedi_penguin, because we have similar taste in music
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I walked for two more hours today. I'm downloading all the songs you suggested. Thank you. [livejournal.com profile] laynamarya, yours are the only songs I actually recognized.
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I need some angsty breakup music here, people:

[Poll #90560]


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