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[House 3x01 spoilers. but not very coherent.]

House asked Cameron out! -- and he smirked!! The smirk is HOT. The smirk made me do embarrassing things. Well, mostly giggle and gleee! and roll around on the couch. THEN. He went to see Cuddy.

To paraphrase, "We have a way to solve problems. It's called the employer-employee relationship. I get what I want, and you don't." Which caused me to do EVEN MORE embarrassing things, like whimper softly, "Take me Cuddy, take me now."

Plus, you know, in the Department of OTP, House and Cuddy had an entire conversation while she was in a wee nighty of some sort. They're so hot when they... breathe in and out.

Wilson's speeches make me giggle.

I feel that Clare Kramer's acting has improved since BtVS.

I am reserving judgment, really. I enjoyed the episode a lot, yay hetty subtexts, and texts, and things where House says "jump" and Chase says "how many millimeters?" Anyhow, enjoyed. It made me laugh, it made me squeal, etc, but I was really much more excited about VMars. It's not fair to compare them since this is the end-of-season arc of VMars and the beginning of a new season of House, and yeah, etc. I am fading fast from my VMars squee, so I will quickly transcribe those notes, gleee!, then to bed.

[And now, VMars! 2x21, with K/V OTP nicely segregated at the end so you can all skip it.]

V. excited! Incoherent notes taken while watching! I am sad because I have heard rumors on the internets that the finale is... not so great... but that's okay, because this episode had OTP like whoa, and yay, I heart my cuddly incestuous OTP.

"You know how they sometimes call fat men 'tiny'?" Hee. And then he kisses her.

The bit where there was shooting and Jackie was in danger, I was all huddled on the couch going, "Noooo, they can't!" And then Wallace jumped and was all made of kickass. And V. was sad because she thought Wallace had been shot. BUT he wasn't. So that was okay.

Dear VMars,
How did you make me a Wallace/Jackie shipper? Seriously, how?

I am also rapidly becoming completely enamored of Jackie/Terrence because I don't think I have enough cuddly daddy/daughter OTPs in this fandom. I mean! Mostly I just have my incest goggles on when I watch the show anyhow, so any remotely healthy familial relationship (all... two of them) gets interpreted as 'cesty BUT. She's all, "My two favorite men!" And I'm all like, OTP!

Aaron and Logan's conversation had me feeling all sad for Logan. So did Logan's testimony. Sigh, I am so easy tonight.

Mac and Cassidy/Beaver teaching Weevil algebra FOR THE FRELLING WIN OMG. "Suppose you and your buddies buy a sixpack of spark plugs." Heeeeeeeeee. If I were still tutoring algebra, I would totally need icons based on this scenario. But I'm not. Sigh. Also, lots of pleasant Mac/Cassidy shippiness, for, you know, the shipper.

"ain't epic love grand?"

And let's see, if I had squeed any more over, "It was worth getting taped to a pole" I WOULD BE UNABLE EVER TO SQUEE AGAIN. Sigh, so much awesome.

All right, things that happened between Keith and Veronica that made Ari combust other than aforementioned kissing:

+When V. testified about the STD and then after Keith was all, "Are you okay?" "Yeah, I..." "No, are... are YOU okay?" And then they cuddled for awhile. SIGH.
+When K. was testifying and the defense attorney asked if he would describe his relationship with V. as "close" and Keith said, "I would describe it as 'very close'." YES THAT IS HOW I WOULD DESCRIBE IT TOO. SIGH
+Also in K's testimony, when he threatened to BREAK THE DA'S FINGERS if he said any more mean things about Veronica and her "boyfriends." ZOMGWTF Keith is so irrational when it comes to his daughter! SIGH.
+Earlier in the episode, the whole "Can I have the password please?" when they slap each other five. AW. (The thing about V. living in a hamster bubble was cute, but not squee-inducing really. But the slapping five was MADE OF OTP.)
+Woody, to Keith, "Most adults don't have their children doing espionage for them." See, this is why Keith and Veronica are not like other father-daughter duos. That, and, well. I am completely irrational about my OTP thank you very much! You knew this, though.

Also, I think there was something about a plot arc?

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Date: 2006-09-06 03:33 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ladybeth.livejournal.com
The whole thing with Chase is starting to bother me now. Chase isn't really forming his own character, like Foreman and Cameron are. He just does what House tells him to do without really any hesitation (although I think he did almost say no this time).

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Date: 2006-09-06 04:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] cadence-k.livejournal.com
"Take me Cuddy, take me now."

That was pretty much my reaction! Plus, the pajamas. Yay!


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